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24-10-10, 02:35 PM

I have just fnished my lash training, and am now starting to build my kit.
As of now I have a low budget, and I find the eyepads are very expensive ($20 for 5 sets).

Is there another way to properly protect the eyes without pads?
Or where can I find the cheapest pads to buy.

Thank you :)

24-10-10, 02:41 PM
Do a search on here there is a thread on here which has companies on it that sell cheaper pads x

24-10-10, 02:49 PM
I bought some cheap ones once and they were awful! My tweezers kept getting stuck in the lint and they ended up in the bin!
When you think how much you charge for a set of extensions then the price of the pads isn't really that much.
Most companies are about 1 for 2 but you get a discount if you buy in bulk.
You can also cut your pad lengthways through the middle so you can use just 1 pad per treatment and this will halve your cost. Just cut the pads and then pop a bit of microprore tape across the top :)

24-10-10, 03:59 PM
They arent expensive at all!! Most places you can get 10 for 10. Capital have them for 9.50 Stock up when theres vat free days!
When you look at how much you make per set it works out not expensive at all to buy the pads!

I think lashes and waxing is the main 2 things where I make most profit on!

Glamour Puss7
24-10-10, 05:53 PM
I agree with the fact they are not expensive! I use the gel patches from Lash Perfect, they are worth every penny. I dont think you should cut costs on things you really need, to do a job right :rolleyes:. Reflect everything you buy in the price you charge for your lashes and you won't loose out.