View Full Version : Salon Geek Greeter - We're looking for helpers :)

01-02-11, 02:50 AM
Hey Geeks

The mod team have been chatting about having 'Greeters' to help new members settle in and show them around the site if they need help.

Basically it is just like being someone's new Geeky friend, pointing them in the right direction and helping out with links, starting new threads, forum etiquette etc etc

Are you interested in lending a hand?
Do you feel that you know how the site works? (Threads, Articles, Groups, Blogs etc)
Can you copy and paste helpful links via pm/replies?
And most importantly of all, are you a patient person who likes to help others and won't mind offering a bit of your spare time?

Please send us a private message if you're up for the challenge.

I'm looking forward to a busy pm inbox :green:

02-02-11, 07:38 PM
We've had a good response to our plea for help and I'm now closing the thread.

Thanks to those of you who have pm'd me, will be in touch soon :green: