View Full Version : Hair Blonde to red

03-12-11, 08:50 AM
Hi need some advice for me! I was really dark for years then 7 months ago decided to start getting blonde highlights through to lighten it up, do that's what I've kept doing for 7 months, but I decided I wanted to go red but I'm hoping for a nice dark red, obviously me having so much blonde through it now I knew it wouldn't be straight forward . So I used majirouge 4.60 and put almost half majored 5 in with it, now the roots are perfect colour but the rest is kind of faded looking and more brown with a hint of red, any suggestions as to what I should do now to get the ends red as don't want to leave it like this, thanks :)

03-12-11, 09:18 AM
Unfortunately as your not a hair pro we can't advise you on what to use, maybe go to a college ? Or find a hair geek near you? Or salon? X