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10-01-12, 06:20 PM
Hi can anyone help me with the process of applying bio gel. Have done uv gel but i'm confused with all the clear gels. When should s gel be painted on nail? Whats the first gel that should be applied to nail plate?

10-01-12, 06:25 PM
Welcome to Salon Geek.

Have you completed training, or are you undergoing training with Bio Sculpture at the moment?

10-01-12, 06:34 PM
well I'm starting in a salon this week and they use bio products and they want me to use them..... I'm trained in uv gel but its a different system. Would you recommend I train with bio sculpture.

10-01-12, 06:45 PM
As you will appreciate, all gels systems are different and I would strongly recommend you to at least take a conversion course.

Bio Sculpture have various basic gels which all serve different purposes.

To undergo the training would be beneficial not only for yourself, but ultimately the clients you are going to be providing a service for.

Here are the contact details you need:

Bio Sculpture (http://www.biosculpture.co.uk/home.asp)

Hope that helps.