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2 months after job - still no sign of payment - 01-06-10, 07:46 PM

I did some contract work (via email) a few months back with a company who organizes events and promotion staff. I worked three different contracts with this company - I gave manicures in a store, but the store didn't pay me, this company did. To get paid I had to send an email invoice and then I would be paid 30 days later. The first cheque didn't turn up by the date that the woman has stated in the contact, but as I was due another payment just a few days later I figured she would just send both payments together - which she did, about 2 weeks late though. I sent an email late one night, asking if there had been a problem with my invoice as the cheque hadn't arrived. The cheque had obviously already been posted as it arrived the next morning. Nevertheless, she didn't reply. My third and final cheque was due by the 2nd of May, which felt bad enough as that particular contract was to cover 3 days - two at the beginning of march and one at the beginning of april, so the payment wouldn't be due until 2 months after doing my first day of the contract, but a month after my last day. It didn't arrive but I wasn't too worried as the first one had also been late. Well, it still hasn't turned up! I eventually called the company on the 21st on my house phone and there was no answer so I left a message with my name saying I still had not received my payment, could you please call me back on..... and i gave my mobile number. 2 minutes later I got one of those daft robotic text to voice messages on my house phone from a mobile saying she was sorry my payment had been missed but she would not be in the office until monday, and she would sent my cheque then. I was a bit annoyed she hadn't even bothered to call back to get any details, just simply fobbed me off with a text message - that sounded like a machine as she hadn't replied to the number I had asked her to call either. Well it has been over a week and STILL no cheque! I've called several times and the phone just rings then goes through to the voicemail. I haven't left anymore messages but I'm not giving up tomorrow until I speak to someone.

If all else fails, what can I do about this? I've been waiting on this 200 from work i did over 2 months ago (and started 3 months ago) to cover expenses and training I want to do - and I used all my own products etc to do the work, I even got the damn bus to the store with my manicure table etc every time I went in as the car was stuck in the garage.
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02-06-10, 09:47 PM

ooo... that's really bad. Unfortunately I don't know the answer but I don't half feel for you....

If you don't already have a solicitor many offer free 30 minute consultations which would be sufficient to discuss this and be pointed in the right direction. I think if you look on the law society web site it tells you who in your area participates in a scheme to help small businesses.

Otherwise you could look at the small claims court. I've not used it but I know it's low cost and you can basically get the ball rolling on-line - just do a search for it and I'm sure there'll be plenty of info.

Option 3 might be to contact Business Link. If you're not already in touch with them you probably should be - I just love those folk. They're fab at sifting through all the info and just giving you the facts.

As I say, I don't really know the answer but I hope that gives you three practical leads to think about so you can take action and get back in charge of the situation.

Good luck!
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03-06-10, 07:26 PM

try acas sweets xx
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03-06-10, 07:34 PM

Well I got hold of her eventually and she has now claimed she wasnt aware that she even owed me another payment - after promising to send it 2 weeks ago! She has again claimed to not be in the office and said she will get in touch in the morning to sort it all out.... I just hope after tomorrow it will all be over with, my patience has just about run out - after also on the same day being charged 146 quid national insurance cos the inland revenue have me down as being registered a year more than I have been, and yell sending me an email to say my adverts on yell and in yellow pages which Ive just payed over 400 quid for have been cancelled... it turned out to be an error, and the wrong emails have been sent to customers. *pheww!!!*
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05-06-10, 08:07 PM

I would send a repeat invoice to them,stating on the bottom with the terms and conditions that if not paid in a period of days say 30days that it wuould increace and an entra charge would occur. After that certain period of time increase it. Dont be afraid to do it. It will scare them if you send an increased invoice after this time period because they will know that your not just threating to do it.

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06-06-10, 11:02 AM

My god what a pain in the bum. I cant imagine how annoying getting a bus was with your table etc. Ive been in similar situations with trying to fight for your wages before but thankfully with constant calls etc I got my money in the end. I personally would recommend going to the citizens advice to be honest. They may be able to start the ball rolling with any legal action also.
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