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Water Marbling Made Easy!
Water Marbling Made Easy!
By Una Pecatti
Published by Una
Water Marbling Made Easy!

Water Marbling Made Easy!

How would you like to make each of your client's nails as unique as individual works of art? With the water marbling technique, no two nails will ever turn out the same. Ever! And best of all, this technique is very easy, even for beginning nail art technicians. This is the kind of technique that keeps clients coming back for more, and it's sure to make their friends incurably jealous.

Technique: Water Marbling
Skill Level: Beginner
What You’ll Need: water, a manicure bowl, acetone, a marbling tool, nail polish and a top coat. (If you can't find a marbling tool, any sharp pointy object of the same size should do fine. )

Step 1 – First, fill a manicure bowl with water so that the water level is at least five centimetres from top to bottom. If you don't have a manicure bowl, it's fine to improvise with a regular bowl. Just make sure that it is large enough to comfortably fit a human hand.

Step 2 – Next, you'll need to produce a layer of white nail polish. Do this by placing several drops at the centre of the water pool. As the polish moves out towards the edges make sure that you have a fairly thick layer of polish floating on the top before moving on. This will keep it from drying out prematurely. If you can, try to use a polish with low viscosity.

Step 3 – Now that you have a decent circle of white polish established, drop a single drop of red polish at the centre.

Step 4 – Repeat this process alternating between red and white in order to create a bullseye pattern like you see above.

This colour scheme however, is not the only one that you can use! Let your imagination run wild. You can really use any colours that you'd like.

Step 5
– Use the marbling tool to manipulate the shape of the pattern by creating lines and curves in the pool.

Step 6 – After each line, remove the marbling tool and give it a quick clean. This will improve the quality of the shapes you are able to create.

Step 7 – There's really no set way to go about this. Just create any pattern that looks pleasing to you and your client. The only rule is to work quickly. If you do not, the pattern may dry prematurely making it impossible to work with.

Step 8 – Once the pattern is complete, insert your client's finger into the pool at the edge of the dish being careful not to disturb the polish pattern. Slowly move the finger underneath the pattern and pull up through the polish. As you do so, the polish will gently adhere to the nail in a heterogeneous marble pattern.

There should be enough polish to cover two or three nails. Once the polish is more or less used up, use the marbling tool to remove any excess from the bowl. In order to cover the remaining nails repeat steps two through eight until all ten nails are finished.

Step 9 – Next, use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to remove the polish from the skin surrounding the nails.

Step 10 – You're done! Just apply a top coat to seal the deal. If your client is interested you can continue the design by adding further elements like rhinestones as pictured above, but the marbled pattern looks great even on its own.

Remember, this might not turn out perfectly the first time that you try it. But with a little practice you'll be doing it like a pro in no time!
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Una is not bad. They're just drawn that way

By Orbie on 05-06-09, 07:31 PM
that looks really cool in red and white, its also slightly different to the method i have tried before (which i had a few problems with lol!) so i'm going to try it your way and see if its easier...thanks again : )

Orbie xx
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By TweezerHappy on 05-06-09, 09:31 PM
These look really cool and you make it look so easy. Def going to give it a go.
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By An*Gel on 08-06-09, 03:07 PM
Fab tutorial... I can't wait to have a play, thank you so much for sharing
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By Una on 08-06-09, 03:23 PM
Thanks An*Gel
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By Lellipop on 08-06-09, 03:28 PM
Nicely done and very clear instructions well done xx
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By ICBeauty on 07-02-10, 08:50 PM
Thank you very much...very easy to understand to get my nail varnish and give it a go!!! cheers again
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By ICBeauty on 07-02-10, 10:14 PM
...just tried FAB!!! well recommended!!!
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By SelenaP on 07-02-10, 11:52 PM
these look great an are very popular - pain in the butt cleanin all the varnish off the sides of the fingers tho ... a good tip there is too smear a small bit of vaseline around the skin an then its jus wipes off easy .. no need for the cotton bud dipped in acetone - quicker too
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By Saddlesore on 14-07-10, 05:12 PM

Just tried and the nail polish sat in blobs in the water...Im thinking the OPI Im using is too thick?

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By Saddlesore on 15-10-10, 05:36 PM
I just tried too and only have opi polish so maybe its too thick for this to work...ah well never mind :P

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By roo09 on 05-02-11, 10:22 PM

This looks great! What polish do you find works best and how much would you charge for a manicure done with this technique. Must have a go at it.....thanks.
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By Jagienka on 05-02-11, 11:42 PM
thank You... is clear description and good pictures
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By KAC1977 on 01-08-11, 01:59 AM
wow what a fab tutorial. Thank you so much. just tried it, not as good as you, will keep on practising. found cheap ultra pro worked better than opi x
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