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Shellac Layering
Shellac Layering
Published by SweetyStacey
Shellac Layering

Just posted this in the Shellac Lovers group, but putting it here also, for the ones who aren't in the group.

Didn't get good feedback with the last application pics I posted of my first day of using shellac..its now my 6th time using it..any better?

I know they're not perfect yet, I THINK i'm getting there though.

Thanks, Stacey x

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Real geeky
mrspip is wearing their underpants on the outside
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04-03-12, 10:00 PM

Ive not tried layering yet as im still trying to master a single colour. I posted my first attempt at a single colour today. I Hope mine go that well when i start to layer. I think they look great.
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Real geeky
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SweetyStacey is wearing their underpants on the outside
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05-03-12, 06:14 PM

Aw thanks

Layering with Fedora is a bit tricky sometimes, I did my friends nails with Fedora layered with Tutti Frutti and it was a bit patchy because my fedora coat didnt have enough coverage and I swiped my tutti frutti coat too many times. You have to get the colour coats just right.

You'll get it, don't worry. x
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