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How soon after permanent eyeliner can a client have eyelash extensions? - 18-08-11, 09:24 PM

I had a regular client come to me last week who had had eyeliner and eyebrows re tattooed on 6 days before. When I saw her eyeline I noticed that it wasnt completely healled and had a few mildly raised areas. I explained that I wasnt happy to do infills for her for this reason. When the tatooing was done they removed some, but not all of her eyelash extensions which seemed a little strange to me.

My question is, does anyone know how long it should be left after tattooing before applying new lashes? From the research I have done it appears to be 7-10 days, my notes from college dont mention this and I couldnt get hold of my tutor.

Thank you!
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18-08-11, 10:17 PM

I had sp eyeliner a couple of years ago and dont think I would have wanted lashes doing for about 2 weeks. Although the initial scabs have healed by about 10days I wouldnt have wanted to risk the close work incase of irritation. Although I think you're talking about a top-up tattooing arent you - that may be different.... perhaps they're not as sore afterwards / not as much healing needed? Think I'd say 2 weeks to be safe though.
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