13 Week Beauty Course for Jobless! FREE!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Snugglepuss, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Snugglepuss
    Forgive me peeps but I am really upset about the above! - please don't shoot me down - read on and you will hopefully understand!

    I know that there was a link recently about the people in the uk could get free treatment etc to help them gain employment


    BUT my eldest son's girlfriend came to see me today and was telling me that when she went to sign on the dole this morning, the staff asked her what courses she would like to go on!

    She said that she had already been on a CV skill updating course (funded by the gov) and that she thought it was pants! (her words not mine!) she went onto say that they said that she could be booked onto a 13 week beauty course WITH A PLACEMENT! all funded again by the gov - ie us!

    Don't get me wrong - I am all for education and for people to be helped and if they can climb out of a hole - then I will always be first to offer a hand BUT my son's girlfriend is only going on this course because she has been told she has to - not because she wants to!!

    She has no intention of working - never has - never will! probably will only see part of it out and then complain that it was rubbish and that the tutors dion't give a damn!

    The reason why it infuriates me, is that I paid thousands of pounds for my education in the beauty/nail industry and someone who doesn't give 2 hoots - gets it for free!!!

    Rightio - rant over, nervous cough starting - I'm off to bed to mull over the rights and wrongs of this - what do you all think?
  2. ladybgemini
    It's pi**es me off. My hubby was made redundant and he was offered a course for driving a fork lift. He is a computer programmer. How much use would a course in fork lift truck driving be. They never once offered him any other courses even though he was part of a mass redundancy.

    They took money from him left right and centre, didnt pay him on time and stopped his benefits when i started as self employed even though I didnt earn anything.

    They chased him for nearly £1000 of his benefit back when he was back in work to cover a period where they only paid him £500.

    The whole system sucks!!!
  3. PLAOH
    It's always the same in this country Debbie.....work hard and be honest and you get sh*t on from a great height.:(

    No help is offered when I wanted to start this career. I'm still paying off credit cards that funded my training and start up costs. If it wasn't for my flexible friends I wouln't have survived the first couple of years in business.

    No wonder so many brits are fleeing to down under and New Zealand.
  4. dee
    totally agree hun , it pees me right off especially when we love our jobs and have to pay a small fortune to gain more qualifications
    the whole system wants a total overhaul !!
  5. adelekeegan1
    Whats more if any of these people go on to get jobs it is in OUR industry:irked::irked::irked:
  6. Sassy Hassy
    Erm I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here. When I did my level 2 Cosmetic Makeup I got it for free because I get working tax credits. I couldn't have afforded it otherwise at the time & I do think that giving unemployed people skills to do a trade is a good thing BUT only if they want to do it.

    We are in a service industry & I believe you have to enjoy what you are doing so that the client gets maximum benefit from the treatment. If the person doesn't want to do the course then really what is the point? It's just the same old thing, inefficient use of tax payers money.

    The trouble is that SOME people want it easy - they aren't prepared to get jobs such as loo cleaners or road sweepers, they want the kushy (sp) ones where they don't have to get their hands dirty or do any work. Besides we all know that salons will only really look at you if you have level 3 beauty and salon experience so do they really think that people will get a job at the end of this?

    Maybe it's just to give them some confidence and self worth to realise that getting out of bed in the morning does have some value to it? Who knows? But please don't jump up and down just because someone is being given a skill for free - they are often single mums like me who struggle like hell to make ends meet and life is tough enough as it is with people accusing you of being the bane of society!! (BTW I am not at all implying that anyone has said this thus far - I just wanted to put a slightly different spin on this!)
  7. *Garfield*
    It really winds me up, its always the people who work hard and pay tax, national insurance etc that end up getting penalised. When I was a single parent I wanted to re train so I could get a better job, but because I worked part time cleaning in pubs rather than signing on I couldnt get any funding.:| :mad:
  8. Urban Geek
    I am happy for the unemployed to be helped and it is great when opportunities like this help to change their lives. However, those opportunities are not open to us all whether or not we can afford them.

    I have came across many courses that are not available to me because I am not claiming benefit. The government is more focussed on getting their statistics down. It is not necessarily the case of whether or not you can afford it, it is a case of getting you off the benefits register. If you are not claiming unemployment benefit, they are not as interested.:confused:
  9. Sassy Hassy
    But surely if you are given a skill to use that will get you off claiming unemployment benefit then that has to be a cheaper option long term, and less of a drain on the tax payers, than staying on the dole for years and years? I do however think that the choice of courses should be better suited to the individual so that they actually make use of them at the end ... that would be my only gripe at the end of the day.

    Otherwise we may as well say scrap the whole benefits system as if I can't have it then why should you?
  10. Rachy Roo

    Really winds me up too Snuggs.
    A course that would benefit the individual - i.e job interview skills workshops, cv writing workshops helping people find a job they want, would be much better for them and much cheaper on us tax payers then paying for them to do a course they had absolutely no interest in.

    I've had to work hard to be able to afford the course I wanted to do - YES my own choice, YES it was a course I wanted to do. I wouldn't have minded a bit of help but never got it!

    Im all for helping people find a job if they WANT a job but its the whole 'won't work' thing that annoys me. There are plenty of jobs going out there (some not as good as others i admit) but people won't take them.
    If i ever lost my job, I would take whatever is going - I wouldn't be in a position to be choosy or fussy, as I'd need the money coming in for bills etc. Plus you can take a job you don't like in the short term while looking for something you do like.
  11. Marlise
    Yup, I'm with you girls on this one.

    It drives me nuts and really pis*es me off !! :irked: :irked:

    I have worked hard and paid hard for all my courses. No one gave me anything for free !

    When I did my mani/pedi course there were 5 girls on the course who were on benefits and didn't want to be there. They never did any work and were disruptive to the rest of the class.

    When I asked them one day what the hell they were doing there when they so obviously didn't want to be there, I was told that they had to attend the course in order to keep getting their benefits, otherwise it would be taken away !!

    I'm sorry to say this, but the majority of people who are on unemployment benefits have NO INTENTION of ever working ! I mean, why the hell should they if the Government just keeps dishing out the dosh !

    These same people go to interviews and deliberately stuff up the interview so that they don't get the job, because in order to keep getting your benefits, you need to prove that you've been for X amount of interviews. So they go, bugger them up, provide the proof that they've been and keep getting money for nothing.

    But what happens to the people that are honest and who really need the benefits, i.e. if you are made redundant or something like that. Those people are the ones that get shafted every time !

    It really winds me and I think it's wrong !!!!

  12. Snugglepuss
    Morning all :hug:

    Sass I know where you are coming from 100% and I have no problem what so ever for those people that really want to learn the skill and then go onto to use it to help themselves - you and others like you are to be cheered :green: No spanner in the works imho - just a well balanced reply xx

    However, I am going to get back on my soap box about my son's girlfriend!

    What does get my goat, is that Kris' girlfriend doesn't want to work - has no intention of ever working (I can tell you I am sick to death of bailing them out financially) and then gets told she has to take a course and when that is finished take a diffferent one and still if she doesn't get a job take another - then another then another then another. How is that fair?

    There are plenty of jobs in our area where, ok you get minimum wage or above (and then get tax credits to help) When I was poor - this is what I did - 3 kids working full time and claiming tax credits on top - within no time I was earning more than the allowed for income to get tax credits and then I was actually worse off! Again, as I am a hard worker I soon got promotion and it didn't matter that I couldn't get tax credits!

    Kris' girlfriend is 22, no children and can not be bothered to work - she has said that she is only going through the motions of going to the course because "PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS PAID FOR AS IS LUNCH - WHICH IS THE BEST PART OF IT" -Her words to me last night! along with "I don't want to work in beauty salon anyway they will all look down at me!" again I ask the question why is that right and fair?? She doesn't want to take a job with minimum wage - because she is worth more than that she says and she doesn't want to go on the retail course which would enable her to work in a shop! (but at some point she has been told, that she will have to go on the retail course if she doesn't get a job)

    Whilst I agree there are decent peeps (like Sass) who work hard and continue to use those skills once gained, there are plenty of people who are only "doing it" to enable them to stay on benefits!

    We are all different, but I really think that this is unfair - I give my son and his girlfriend handouts, food, they get benefits and training and my husband pays the higher rate tax and I pay the lower rate tax - and what is she giving back?

    Sorry for ranting but it really makes me angry!
  13. Snugglepuss
    You have put it far better than I have!
  14. Rachy Roo
    not at all - i have a friend like this - never worked a days work ever (shes 25 now) just does course after course at college (paid for by government and she gets a grant) then she drops out after a few months though when she has to start doing some work!!

    What annoys me is she ends up with more money then me!! xx
  15. Marlise

    You really don't want to get me started on this topic.

    I cannot tell you how much it ticks me off. I have to get up every morning at 6am to drag myself to work, work a 8 - 10 hour day and then I go and run my part time business till 11pm at night and pay tax on both.

    Why am I doing all this and paying shed loads of tax !!?? So that useless, leeches like the above mentioned in previous post can sit on their ars*s, draw benefits and do F.A all day !!!

  16. izzidoll
    I agree with a lot that has been said. It is a tricky and emotive issue.

    I have seen girls who have been 'funded' come through courses, and some have had a couldn't care less atitude as they were not paying for it...and would just do enough to get by.
    I have also had ones who have grabbed this opportunity with both hands and worked so hard to have a skill and an income from it.

    So we cannot tar everyone with the same brush.

    A question has come to my mind though given the strong feelings against this here....

    Are any of you salon owners, and would it put you off hiring someone if they had only done this 13 week government funded training?

    Would you discriminate against them in favour of someone from a College course??
  17. rouge
    A very good point here. I have to say, it would depend on the attitude of the person, and the quality of their treatments, NOT on the length of the course. When I was at college (two year CIBTAC beauty therapy, aromatherapy and electrolysis course), there were a couple of girls with EXACTLY the same attitude as the ones spoken about on the free course. They were only there because the course had no official entry requirements and they thought it would be an easy ride. Boy were they ever wrong!

    So I don't think it would be fair to rule out someone just because they've done the government funded course. They may be a far better therapist having done that than someone who's mucked about for one or two years on a 'proper' course.
  18. Urban Geek
    If I had my own salon and was interviewing for technicians/therapists, I would judge them individually and on their merits. I am sure that there are some people who do the 13 week government programme who achieve more than someone from a college course and vice versa. Because they do a Government funded course, doesn't mean they don't have ability and ambition.
  19. *JOANNE*
    two sides of the coin here,
    i have paid taxes since i was 16 when i was in the navy again i paid taxes and also mended and fixed soldiers who where in the first gulf war, then continued to pay taxes from working as a care assistant for an agency at night then through my nail business and paying for private courses.....up until October 2006, when my marriage broke down and i was left with 3 boys and my finances at a low, due to reducing hours to fit in with my children...so i had to go on tax credits as what i was earning wasn't enough to pay bills and feed my kids and unlike a lot of people i have absolutely no-one to help with my boys as my ex lives down south.......
    so i went into the job centre in a right state and was helped regarding tax credits etc and also a fantastic lady who had to supply me with tissues as this isn't a situation i ever wanted to find myself in ,helped me to see that whilst my 3 youngest are at primary school i could have help to pay for a course...
    which i have taken up the offer i start hairdressing in September with the simple reason of not feeling guilty...this is what i have paying for most of my life with my tax and n.i contributions.....i have never claimed anything in my life not even when redundancies came out when i was in the navy...and i was entitled to job seekers allowance i never claimed it.
    there are alot of women like me....happily married 3 children no benefits etc then we suddenly find ourselves dumped and in reduced circumstances...non of which is our choice and if this helps some women strive to learn to make herself independent financially from doing a government funded course then whats the problem....i have paid taxes just like you.
    i understand there are "scroungers" but you really cannot differentiate peoples circumstances until your in that very place
  20. Snugglepuss
    good points Izzi xx

    I hope that I have made it clear that I am not tarring everyone with the same brush!

    Anyway, in answer to your question Izzi, if they had carried out their placement within my salon (if I had a high street salon) or a friend's salon and they had proved their worth then yes definitely.

    However, I would have to consider very carefully, if this person was unknown to me or friends etc. I would have to ask plenty of questions and perhaps trial them. I would never say no straight off!

    In the case of my son's girlfriend - I can assure you that I would never employ her (and even if I didn't know her I wouldn't as her attitude and whole demeanour is sour and negative!)

    A question for you Izzi - are the qualifications recognised? - I'm sure that the answer would be yes! but would like clarification - and do they get lot's of practical assessments?

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