18 month old baby - finger nails falling off

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Anne Niven, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Anne Niven
    My daugters 18 month old little girl lost a fingernail last week. It just dropped off she has no pain or bleeding and no visible infection or trauma. She has lost another one today again same as above. They are on hols at the moment and Im sure she will go to the docs on her return. Just wondered if any of you have come across this before? Obviously we are concerned.:?:
  2. shedunlop
    Hi there Ann, sorry to hear about your grand daughter. If she was mine I would get her checked out by a doctor straight away rather than wait until you get back. I have never come across this before and I am old!!

    It could be a number of things but certainly needs medical attention.

    Good luck

    Sheila :)
  3. sarahnailz
    My Son's toenail has also fallen off and he is 18 months old. It's his little toe nail. The Dr said nothing was wrong. Wierd.xx
  4. Emma Bagnall
    my 22 months big toenails keep coming off, but theres always nearly a full new nail underneath. he is always dropping toys and things on his toes, so i put it down to that. hopefully nothing too serious.:confused:
  5. CJB 69
    hi my little boys toe nails started falling off last year doc said it was a iron deficiency but he all fine now started giving him dark choc and beans and everything with iron in because doc said he was 2 young for tablets he was three then so it could be anything
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  6. mizzy_dizzy
    my older kids never had this but my youngest has lost one or 2 of his in the past, they grow back really quickly and never buged him he is 3 now and hasnt lost any for a while, the doctor said babys (todlers) quite offten bang there hands and feet, and lose a nail , also they are learning to use there hands (dexterity sp) at this age,
    there nails are alot smailler , softer and thinner, quite often spoon shaped to, so try not to worry to much hun, just make sure he gets checked out when he comes back from his hols,
    C x
  7. Pixie P
    My son lost both his big toe nails when he was around 18 months old:eek: It never bothered him and never happened again:confused:!
  8. NailsXpress
    I had a client when I lived in Spain who had this problem since she was 3 years old. I told her to see a doctor as things have moved on a lot over the years. She went and was told it was a form of onycholiosis. (I think thats how to spell it). Her nail would grow then start to come away from the nail bed. Eventually fall off. She had an injection into the matrix (just above cuticle) and was given vitamins. Two months or so later he nail was growing perfectly and stayed put.

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