3D Acrylic nail art - What tools?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Bev Rose, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Bev Rose
    I've just been having a faff about this afternoon and done some pretty naff 3D stuff.:irked::lol:

    When I was at Excel, Sam Biddle and Georgie Smedly used this tool which looked like a steel retractable pen thing, but the end had a bendy fine wire for detailing - great idea:idea:. Where would I get this tool do you know?
    I'm sure they are not in my EzFlow catalogue.

    Also, what other tools do you find usefull, like the need for tweezers to hold stuff, but anything else?

    I was really cack handed today, like trying to do this minute stuff using my elbows!:lol: Well that's what it felt like.
  2. sian1979
    i brought the peachy coloured nail art brush thats featured in the inspire mag. It is really good. Just been playing with it really....not done anything spectacular with it...and although it was quite expensive i think it was worth the money as i feel that most of the time things are made more difficult by using cheaper quality tools.
    I really cant picture that tool though.....funny as i was at that stand nearly all day!!!
  3. Blackjack
    Hi Bev x
    I use the design brushes from ezflow for the flowers which make it alot easier. Sam told me that the pen thingie was a needle!!-they get alot of stuff from America but if you want me to email her and ask I can xx
    I was going to get a retractable pencil and put a needle in it lol
    Other tools I use are long twizzers (those pointed ones with no serations as the acylic sticks to it !!!) and sort of those dentist tools which I got from a stall at Excel gonna look for the bill and will pm you the phone number as they wa sreally cheep xx x x
  4. talented talons
    It is good, as Sian said, to have the smaller artist brush as it makes it easier to pick up dryer and smaller beads for more intricate designs.

    I have been known to use my dotting tool to make holes in designs for applying clear glitters etc, but it really is finding what works for you.

    I will have to ask Georgie what tool she was using, as i never saw her use that one?? I couldn't stay long at Excel, so missed a lot.

    Still managed to see Antony Buckley demo a gorgeous nail though, so well worth the trip.
  5. tess walters
    I just bought a pen that has a retractable needle in it from allure. It is a b. supply co. I dont have the email address with me but I will get it for you if you want. I use it when making 3d leaves alot. once I make the leaf I score it down the miccle with the needle in kind of a swish pattern. Then I lay the neecle down in the leaf and press into it to make a vaines in the leaf. If anyone else has any ideas for it please post them!
  6. Bev Rose
    THAT'S IT!!!! I bet it's something very similar anyway, I'd love the company email Tess, thank you xxxxx

    I have the pink design oval sculpture brush from EzFlow, which I've been using.
  7. Bev Rose
    Yes please if you would. I saw that stand and had a look thinking - I'll pop back to this.....which I did not end up having time to do!
  8. izzidoll
    When Sam Biddle was up here in Bonny Scotland this week....she was discussing putting a pack of the necessary & best tools for 3D work together, to save people having to shop around several suppliers.

    I think Georgie Smedley is working on it with Sam.....and soon you should be able to buy all you need in 1 go!!
    I will keep you posted!
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  9. Bev Rose
    Hi Izzi :hug:
    Great, I was going to suggest this may be a good idea, be interested to see what comes up. I'll hang on then as I'm not desperate. I'm useless at it just yet!:lol:

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