7 ways to verbally communicate?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by rousey, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. rousey
    Ok we have been asked to look for 7 ways to verbally communicate. what the heck is she on about, i thought the best way to communicate is to make sure that you explain what you want through speech.

    Does anybody have any ideas?
  2. *JOANNE*
    she is talking about non verbal and verbal communication....ie body language etc...should be in your text books the consultation unit.
  3. perfectbeauty

    the origninal post was 7 ways to VERBALLY communicate, so I dont think they are looking for body language - non verbal etc

    Think about how you could communicate with clients, how you would get information to them, ways of communicating that would not just be in person at the salon

    eg how do you get in touch with your friends you dont just speak to them in person face to face

    I would also consider other means of contact, how would you let clients know whats available in the salon, special offers etc

    there are way more than 7 ways of communicating with people and a lot of them would be covered in your text books or course handouts

    if you are still struggling I would speak to your tutor to get clarification on exactly what is required

    hope this helps or gives you some ideas

  4. marioned
    Does it mean it in a "language use" way, e.g questioning, resssponding, making a statement, etc?
  5. Lynne Baker
    open questions, closed questions, reflecting, clarifying. There's 4 for you. Google the rest - it'll be interesting and useful if nothing else.
  6. PolishedAussie
    Hey there,
    Also the tone, speed, pitch, rate and volume of speech can convey a different message verbally. It is also what they hear which can effect how the message is perceived - i.e., you might say hut and they hear but etc.
    So you can make a lot presumptions without even seeing someone, i.e, pitch - deep - male, higher pitch -female; Volume - shouting - could indicate anger etc. Of course nothing set in stone, but you can often tell if someone is angry over the phone even without seeing them or hearing all the message!
    Hope that helps :)
  7. rousey
    Thank-you everybody. I will let you know how i go on.

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