Acetone disposal

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Miss Pink23, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Miss Pink23
    How is it best to dispose of acetone; down the toilet or outside drain?

    Or is it ok to pour it down the sink just as long as its just a one-off as I seem to remember being told that its not good to continuously dispose of it this way?

  2. fifitrix
    Hi Michelle, what I do is put it outside to evaporate then just peel the skin that is left in the soak off bowls and put that in the bin, then wash the soak off bowls.

  3. looby lou
    I was taught to absorb it with tissue or kitchen roll, then put those into a carrier bag or small bin liner, tie a knot in the bag and put outside in your wheelie bin !??
  4. jojosnails
    I was always told NEVER to pour acetone down a sink, it can melt plastic pipes!

    soak it up with cotton wool and then chuck it in the bin is what i do

    Somewhere I previously worked wold have given a member of staff a disciplinary if they poured acetone down the sink!
  5. loubylou
    This is how i was taught too,
    if you pour it down the sink it will melt the plastic pipes,
    if you flush it down the toilet it will contaminate the water system (water is filtered and recycled remember) hth
  6. Katykitten
    If you pour it down the sink it can melt the plastic pipes.

    We always soak it up with kitchen roll, then put it in the outside bin xx
  7. suzie49
    So do I, never down the toilet or the sink...
  8. swanner

    Ditto !!
  9. fiona wallace
    Many years ago we sought official advice from SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) and we were informed that acetone is not a chemical to be too concerned about. Will not melt plastic pipes and it is absolutely fine to flush down the loo. Maybe different Environmental Agencies give differing advice throughout the country????????????
  10. melanie390
    hi ive always put my down the sink and then ran both the hot and cold water straight after it to get rid of the smell i suppose ill have to get into the hang of doing it a different way now whoops!
  11. Doorie
    not only it may melt the plastic pipes (now not all pipes are made of plastic) but it IS an ENVIRONMENT DISASTER to flush it down, or whatever.

    what happens to the what you sually flush? usually these go to be treated as they are "natural" (hense also why you should not dispose of any chemical thing this way) by bacteries...

    bring a chemical content in there, you kill the bacteries. plain and easy.

    Many years ago the system may have been different...

    the other advice that have been given, anything to absorb it, and then you trash it as a chemical thing.

    remember it is highly inflamable so maybe where you live they also are treated differently.
  12. tonilee
    I soak mine up with couch roll, and then wrap in tin foil and dispose of it in the bin.
  13. Doorie
    tin foil has to be recycled and therefore in a separate bin ;)

    (yes I am picky with this, as much as we can, I think it is our resp to damage the planet the less possible, knowing that the biggest part of our products doesn't help healing it...)
  14. nailquueen
    I too use couch roll or cotton wool,to soak it up,or the tissue ive had the bowl standing on while in use.Put in to a bin bag with a big knot & into bin outside.Or the salon will stink of it.
  15. DollBird
    Better in the outside bin as the smell lingers when it's inside :) My other half hates the smell :lol:
  16. tracey louise
    this is what i do.
    i was also told not to pour it down the sink.x
  17. Missy G
    :eek: so glad this thread was brought up, Ive been diluting mine with water and then throwing it down the sink!
  18. lotus blossom
    i fling mine at a brick wall!!

    ps im joking x
  19. suzie49
  20. jbelvers
    Waste Disposal
    Nail Varnish, Tip Remover (Acetone) are all solvents and therefore potentially hazardous. If you need to dispose of any of these then you need to do so carefully and without damaging the environment.

    Small amount: Pour the solvent onto a bundle of tissue (couch roll/kitchen roll) and place in a metal bin with a disposable liner. Never poor solvents down the drain or lavatory - you probably have plastic pipes which could be damaged (melt)and vapours could build up in the drains and cause many problems.

    If you have a Large amount of solvent that is too much for this method place in a large bowl and place the bowl in the open air away from children and animals can not reach and let the solvent evaporate.

    I hope this helps...

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