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  1. salonwife
    I'm considering converting to acrygel. Have always done L&P but in new area and all my competitors use gel. I need to do something a bit different but need a product I can rely on? What do we think of Acrygel? Any feedback would help.
  2. joolz
    i would try brisa or akzentz theyre great but theres lots of others you could try
  3. VHunter
    Why do you feel you have to do something different? Do you think clients want something different? Why not offer a 'different' service as opposed to a different product?
    Or is this a question about switching to a 'better' product?

    Just not sure why you'd want to switch.
  4. fancyfingers
    i have been a nail tech for 6 years plus always using l&p i did the acrygel conversion course last year and have never looked backi had a lot of clients asking for gel and with not using gel was losing a lot of potential new clients the acrygel has the look of a gel and the strength of an acrylic the finished enhancements look fantastic and the product is so easy to use especially if your used to l&p you just use gel and powder. there is no nasty oduor and very little dust which is another plus for this fantastic new product, i would recommend you take the conversion course, you have nothing to lose and an extra service to offer to your clients
  5. vicky
    My niece is doing this course at the end of the month. Im not sure how it works, it was the first iv heard of them when i was in capital the other day. Does anyone no where this idea came from or if there linked to another company?
  6. kadie
    what is acrygel? call me it just gel?i know all nail systems are based around acrylic so is that just it?
  7. angel fingers
    its a gel that is strengthened by the addition of a powder. with this particular product you get the gel on to your brush then dip it into the powder then apply to the nail and cure.
    i prefer the powder gel system by le chat , you apply the gel to the nail and sprinkle on the powder then cure. in my opinion its a lot easier to perfect your shape and reduce filing. also there are loads of colours and special effects gels within the range with le chat whereas the acrygel has fewer.
  8. BABSann
    Had a call at our salon today saying would we like a free demo of the acrygel system.Apparently it's been brought over from America and supposed to be very easy to use.You can soak off or file.Think rep said it was from Bev Hills.

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