acrylic nail glue

Discussion in 'Nail' started by jem87, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. jem87
    anybody know any good acrylic nail glue, that sticks the tip really good
  2. Penny Vintage
    I really like IBD 5 second glue. Its really good and also you can get it in a brush version (like a polish bottle), which saves getting stuck tops!
  3. bevi
    i use nsi brush on glue, i prefer brush on as the lids dont seem to get stuck as much its fast acting too and less messy
  4. Mrsbigknoxy
    I use IBD 5 second glue also. I agree, the lids rarely get stuck, but I do put a drop of Solar Oil around the "neck" of the bottle to ensure this doesn't happen.

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  5. *Ang*
    Why hadn't I thought of that! :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the tip! :Love:
  6. Essential Bliss

    Ahh fab idea :) def be doing that in a minute!x
  7. sknight
    Gelbond is my fave adhesive! Very easy to use and has a great setting time. Try it, you will be converted I promise.
  8. jem87
    Thanks everyone and thanks for the tip with solar oil coz the glue im using at the min i use it then i can never open it again so im spending loads on glue

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