acrylic nails discoloured why?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by TMOUSE, Apr 28, 2006.

    Hi there

    I done some acrylic nails last week and she rang me up saying her nails have gone discoloured. She came down today to show me they are slightly yellow and i had asked her if she wares gloves or changed any of her household products and she said no. I took the top coat off and put some IBD bright acrylic top coat on but to be honest it didn't make any difference. This is a new client so i don't know what i done wrong. She came back again today stating her nails glow when she goes on the sunbed and she didn't like it. Sunbed i said that is what is causing your nails to discolour (is this right?). She had her nails done before at NSS and they didn't dicolour so what can i do to correct this. Please advise me
  2. wendyrose
    hahaha she doesnt like her nails glowin in the sunbed??? i presume u used a uv top coat yeah?

    as for this discolouring...cud it be fake tan? hair dye? if it doesnt happen with your other clients it has to be something she is doin not sure if sunbeds cause discolouration...
    It didn't state on the bottle it was a UV top coat because i asked the supplier first because the writting on the back was that small i couldn't read it. She read it out to me " apply one coat over the acrylic to whiten and brighten" I have used this on another client yesterday and she is going night clubbing Saturday do you think anyone will notice her nail lol.
  4. wendyrose
    haha yeah probably..i use ibd intense'sa uv top coat that glows in uv lights...bothers some ppl, but iv never heard the sunbed one...haha

    when u put it on did u just leave it to dry...or cure it?
    it dries in 2 minutes no lamp needed.
  6. wendyrose
 not sure doll, it cud be something very simple that she hasnt thought about i hada girl whos gels discoloured and she cudn think why...i commented on her tan and she told me all about this great new!
  7. naturalnails
    You should be using a UV protective top coat if she is using a sunbed - alternatively use a product that has uv inhibitors in it so that it doesn't discolour. Ask your client which she prefers to put up with - glowing in the sunbed or yellowing afterwards LOL.
    thanks for your advice. Would the sunbed cause the acrylic to discolour. Sorry i am new at this and only do nails part time.
  9. naturalnails
    This is a possibility - Ages ago, before I moved back to using Creative, I had a set of l&p nails on and I went out one day without any varnish on and they turned bright yellow in the sun - not a good look - it did fade when I came out of the sun but not completely.
    hi before i trained, i had a set of L& P nail enhancements on and they did discolour, this as caused by the sunbed and the corfu sun
  11. DaddyWishFish
    My last set I had on started to discolour found out it was due to smoking.
  12. NailsFrmHeaven
    I have had the same happen to one of my clients . She goes on the sunbed most days for up to 1hr at a time :eek: ...... and no matter what i put on her nails they always go a creamy colour because of the amount of time she spends on the sunbed x:mad:
  13. naturalnails
    This would surely be a use for the fingerspas LOL - sell them as a retail product to your sunbed users to protect their nails.

    Just a thought LOL - Would it work?
  14. blush
    It can also be sunbed creams sometimes they have a slight amount of fake tan in them and also sun creams especially if they are a high factor can make your nails sticky.
    from julie
  15. TMOUSE
    i told her this but she thinks it's my products because she use to have her nails done at a NSS place and she said she used the sun bed then and they never went discolored.

    many thanks for all your replies.
  16. nail2heart
    :idea: If she cooks,i could also be from curry.or seasoning from flavouring her food as most client do not use gloves when cooking.hope my advice helps.

    Florentina Alexander
    Nails At Last
  17. beautynails
    I think you will need to remove & start again. It does sound like the sunbed is the problem. You will need a topcoat that protects ffron UV rays. Not sure if that one does. I use EzFlow UV30.
  18. Artsy Canadian
    What acrylic system are you using? Some monomers will have UV inhibitors in them to prevent yellowing. That could be your problem, perhaps the monomer you're using doesn't contain it.

    And about not liking the glowing nails in the sunbeds........who else is gonna see it .......really!
  19. TMOUSE
    i use IBD L&P and found no problem with it only with this lady. That's why i thourght it was the sunbed as she uses it every other day. She says she doesn't use any creams on the sun bed but she is so brown i think she does really but doesn't want to admit it might be her problem and nothing to do with me.
  20. Artsy Canadian
    well you don't need to use lotions in the tanning bed if your going in it that much. I tan occasionally and use lotions because I tan maybe once in 2 weeks. Lotions are to accelerate and if she's already brown then she's just maintaining it.
    I found one of my clients nails will yellow really bad when she tans, and I think it's because of the bulbs this certain salon uses because my other clients don't have this problem. Another client smokes....alot and her nails yellow too, so I use one of those yellow out top coats and they are both young so when they go to the bar....they love seeing it glow!

    I don't know much about IBD, but from what I have read on the net it sounds like they have UV protectors in it. Maybe try a coat of clear gel over top. I think it's worth a shot at this point.

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