Acrylic nails without a lamp?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by rosie007, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. rosie007
    hi Ladies - im new and just recently qualified - ive been practising acrylics on my friend and she said that the salon she used to go to to have her acrylics done didnt use a lamp?

    i thought you had to use a lamp to cure the nails? how can the acrylic air dry?

    please can someone shed some light on this for me!!!

    many thanks xxxx
  2. Beautification

    You don't use a lamp to cure acrylic nails.

    It's gel nails that you use a UV lamp with.

    Where did you train? Not sure if there is some secret about acrylics and lamps i don't know..but i'm thinking if you've been taught acrylics need to be cured under a lamp i would go for my money back as that is incorrect.
  3. TweezerHappy
    The actual liquid and powder do not need a lamp to cure. Are you adding a gel top coat?

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  4. katiebbaby
    Hi rosie, l&p (liquid and powder , acrylic) uses heat energy to polymerize (room heat and body heat) , whereas gel system relys on light energy to start the polymerization process most commonly uv light once product us exposed this reacts and starts to set ( polymerize )

    so you see you are both right kind of. Where did you do do your training this should of been covered in your course .
  5. mum
    Actually the answers are only correct to a point. What they didn't add it that there is a system that uses a UV curing monomer. Applied just like L&P but cured like gel.

    There are more common alternatives that do not need UV light
  6. daniella
    uv acrylic it,s one needing a uv lamp.The liquid dont smel.Like normal liquid smels.
  7. AllThumbs
    I know starnail makes a uv acrylic but most traditional acrylic is "air dry".
  8. geeg
    I think that some of the people who answered above need to update their education and not be quite so pedantic in their answers.

    UV acrylics are not new to the industry ... neither are they particularly everyones cup of tea, so to speak! lol But they are there and they do exist.
  9. mum
    I'll drink (tea) to that!
  10. Unique.Tips
    Do some shops call this gel? Because every day I have people coming in saying they have gel only to inform me that the tech used l&p instead of an actual gel. Y do salons do that? Is that another form of gel that I just don't know about?
  11. geeg
    Many discount salons call l&p like this, gel. Many people tell lies about all sorts of things to get people in front of them. No, it is not a new form of gel.
  12. Unique.Tips
    Thanks geeg! I figured that but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something ;)
  13. Beautification
    I apologise for my 'incorrect post' looks like these people u all rate as trainers aren't indeed that good as I've done several courses with different systems and not once been informed about it :S

    So it's applied like l&p but cured like a gel and doesn't smell? Sounds fantastic to me no more smelly house lol.
  14. lolly_lewis
    ive used uv acrylic before.. i didnt like it at all.
    i only use a uv lamp with l&p if curing gel top coat like glaze n go!:green:

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