Acrylic nails won't stay on

Discussion in 'Nail' started by LeeAnn772, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. LeeAnn772
    My daughter is going to school for Coz. She learned the basics on applying acrylic nails last school year, and has been applyng them on my nails ever since. She does pretty well, as far as the looks of the nail, but it seems like we are always replacing one or two nails a week. They always peel off around the base of the nail, (around the pink edges). I have always kinda of felt that she may be putting it on too wet, but didnt say anything, figuring she knew better than me. But, I have had them done professionally for long periods of time, and so I picked up on this. Also, sometimes if you look at the finished nail from a side angle, the slope of the nail comes off the white tip and dips down until it reaches the cuticle. I do not have oily skin, so I dont think it me. Any sugesstions or thoughts?
  2. katiebbaby
    Hi there my thoughts on this would be to suggest to your daughter to maybe come on here herself and introduce herself as it would be no good us advising you as you dont understand nail chemistry or applications techniques there could be a million factors as to why your daughters nails are lifting, poor prep being one of these. HTH:hug:

    Suggest this site as a way of helping her that way we can help her. xx
  3. geeg
    Many many things can cause nails to lift.
    Form and shape can be one of them ..
    product being too wet can be one of them,
    incomplete PREP
    the nail surface not being completely dry
    too dry a mix ratio can also cause problems
    some products are very low end and not long lasting

    Maybe your daughter just does not do enough nails to work with clients and really get to thebottom of the causes.
    It sounds like she could do with some skill building classes with an educator to sort her difficuylties out.

    Welcome to salongeek. Hope this info has helped.
  4. LeeAnn772
    Thanks ladies. Yes, it probably would be a smart idea to have my daughter come on, but I am also inquiring foro myself, as I am considering buying the supplies and applying them myself.
  5. karenrose
    With no training?
  6. geeg
    Thank you for being honest .. allow me to be the same.

    Professional products are for use by professionals. Get educated if you are going to do your nails so you know what you are doing, with products that can be potentially harmful if misused.

    I know that in the USA one can buy liquid & Powder from most pharmacies to do nails. The usual scenario is that you do just that .. make a mess of your nails and then seek a professional to sort out the mess every few months. Many women do the same with their hair colour and have to go to the hairdresser to correct all the damage they have done as they do not understand the chemicals they are using. If money is what you are trying to save, you seldom will in the end.

    This is a professional site for professionals and is not here to teach or to help consumers to learn how to do nails themselves. We obviously do not agree with consumers doing their own nails only then for them to come to us to clean up the mess. We advocate professional services. We professionals have invested heavily both financially and in many other ways to provide ethical care and service to our customers.
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  7. nailzoo
    my advice in here is the same i give anywhere else.............

    GET SOME TRAINING, stop trying to jump steps, I really don't think people should give advice to newbies or clients of newbies.

    We are supposed to be professional (or in some form of professional training), our immediate educators are our first line of defense.

    Otherwise the information your are given can be confusing (we all have different ideas as to what is right) according to the systems we use......

    If you have no training at all, you really don't have any right to information except the advice to "get some training".
  8. Tacticalkke
    I've literally never read the likes of these responses. These are the most crude, rude, most UNPROFESSIONAL replies to a question about someone whose daughter WAS going through training. If more professionals did the job right, they wouldn't be seeking to do their own. This is not a way to talk to another person. It's unacceptable. Some is that the nail isn't prepped properly, but some ppl have too much vitamin B or medications in their body which makes their nail bed hostile to acrylics. Be nice.
  9. Minkeybox
    Your not going to like this one either then..

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