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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Izicare, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Izicare
    Hi ,

    I am currently training on the Nail Technician diploma and we've been issued the basic kit by the college which is great however I was curious as to what other brands you guys use and why ? ... Please let me know your thoughts . Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. beautifulnails1
    Hi, I trained on Acrylics about 4years ago now and I swear by NSI Acrylic powder and liquid.It does smell quite strong but ive never had any lifting issues with it and it does last. Hope that helps you but it is a case of finding what suit you best.
  3. Izicare
    Thanks for that - As most of my friends/guinea pigs ( lol ) are horsey orientated which is great for me to test on for endurance etc etc i do find that the acrylic the college supplie lifts around the edges within 2-3 days .... so NSI shopping later x thank you I'll give them a go .
  4. kesall
    Hi, I trained with Dream, didnt know any better at that time, but when i Qualified I decided to start trying lots of different brands, I use CND now & occassionally NFU:OH, CND never lets me down its great! I also love Nfu due to the mega range of colours etc, but I think maybe you should do what i did & just try a few starter kits & see which one you prefer! There are so many of them out there. Enjoy x
  5. Gill :)
    I'm also at college and we to are required to purchase a basic kit, the products we use in the kit are Cuccio... they're ok, i do like CND. there products are fantastic and the nail forms are FAB!

    Why don't you buy some sample kits from your local supplier/distributer that way you can try different brands and see which one works best with you... i'd also reccommend using a GOOD brush, there's no point havig a great product that you can work with if your brush is crap, (i've learned that!) you can buy sample kits off the internet too, visit the websites like NSI, Young Nails, CND etc, hope that helps...!!xx
  6. Bev Rose

    Rather than spend on small fortune on sample kits from various companies. My advice to you would be to concentrate on WHY there is lift after such a short space of time. Bascially an enhancement lifting this quickly, was never properly attached to the nail in the first place.

    Concentrate on getting your prep thorough & ensuring you get your mix ratio right (all different brands have different mix ratios, so trying them without knowing what they are will cause you problems you won't know about).

    Then check your application - is it touching the skin? as it been applied too thickly in zone 3, is the an apex & structure to the nail?
    Are you pressing the prodcut onto the nail not just wiping it on like a nail polish?

    Lots of questions there for you to look at - all of the above can cause lifting if not done correctly.

    Here's some reading for you.....

    Nail Application - Salon Geek
  7. Izicare
    I'll do some reading but to be honest the powder we've been supplied with you can buy 3 x 5g pots from japan for 99p ! hense why I was thinking maybe this isn't the best quality - and I myself have had no lifting .... ?? but I'm up for learning and lots of reading appreciate all info thanks again for your time x
  8. ArgyleChick
    I use CND but have quite fancied trying Entity, does anyone else use this? :)
  9. Natalieabdn
    Hey there :)

    I have been using Entity for the past 18 months, and I just love it.

    It took a little bit of getting used too as the mix ratio was slightly different to what I was previously using. I have tried A LOT or different brand out there, and in my opinion this is the best I have found. I am now an educator with them, the education is excellent, and a great company to work with.

    Contact or
    01132 497 025 and they will send you out a sample kit.

    Natalie x
  10. Izicare
    Thanks for your help x I'll make contact with them x

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