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  1. L.Beautique
    Hi has anyone used or heard of actiderm skin products. Or actiderm instant inch loss body wraps?
  2. Matthew Taylor
    My friend was a consultant for them before they recently rebranded.

    They were previously called 'SoSkin Paris'

    The body wrap was ok, you did loose some inches from it. The skin products were pretty mediocre really and not that great value for money.
  3. Zoubie
    In fact SoSKIN Paris was not re-branded, it still exists but ActiDerm is the new Brand of Paraben Free products from the same Laboratory.
    My experience is that the new products work much better & have nicer textures. Personally I think that they are very good value.
  4. Matthew Taylor
    Just that there are some people calling their party's 'actiderm direct'.
    Hasn't the party side had a rebrand?
    That's what I was meaning
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  5. ashleighbray
    ActiDerm is a brand off SoSkin. ActiDerm products are second to none! All products are Pharmecutical Grade and are all paraben & allergen FREE! You can even get FREE samples online! The Lipo Sculpt wrap promises to lose you 3-11 permanent inches in 30 minutes! All other wraps are NOT permanent so there are no products to rival the lipo wrap.
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  6. Matthew Taylor
    How strange!
    The 'SoSkin' wrap claims exactly the same!
    Institut Soskin Skincare | Home
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  7. kirk25
    Is there a website for the body wraps? x
  8. Matthew Taylor
    Yes they are on the link I posted above! Seems Soskin and Actiderm can't decide who/what they are at the moment!

    Btw - the SoSkin wrap is fab and works, wether its the same as the Actiderm one remains to be seen as they both say exactly the same about them!
    But yeah it does work!
  9. kirk25
    Haha thanks matt x
  10. ashleighbray
    i am a manager for ActiDerm..... SoSkin is a brilliant company and is made in the same laboratories as ActiDerm but the products are total different! ActiDerm does have the thermo slimming gel which is very similar to SoSkin slimming gel. But ActiDerm's NEW wrap is our Lipo Sculpting Wrap, its the first none injectable form of lipolysis! ActiDerms philosphy is 'Surgery-like or Medically Inspired Treatments For Home Use'. ActiDerm actually has its own website now which has nothing to do with SoSkim, its Actiderm | Home. Please have a look at our new wraps.
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  11. Matthew Taylor
    Ahhh so really they are just sister brands then!!!
    I know Alison, she's cool! X
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  12. ashleighbray
    Yeah they are :) yeah alison is my direct upline! x
  13. shellies
    i have started using the actiderm wraps on my customers and it has really picked business up the results are amazing the least amount anyone has lost is 3 and a half inches and the most 10inches in one treatment :D
  14. mrsdavey
    how much do you charge for these? xx
  15. Bevh86
    Hi mrsdavey
    I'm unsure how much info I can post on the forum but if your able to look at my profile there is a link to my Facebook group where you can pick up any relevant information

  16. cherrybaby
    Interesting that this thread has been resurrected, it's well over a year old and lots of the information in it is therefore out of date. In the interests of balance and in case the op is still considering body wraps, Shrinking Violet fat loss wrap is a salon exclusive product and is 3 times more effective than any other inch loss wrap. It is handmade in the UK and all the ingredients, with the exception of the active ingredient (hydrolysed lecithin) are organic. My clients love that it is exclusive to salons and the results have been brilliant.

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