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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Annie23, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Annie23
    My hair is long, thick, naturally curly (a bit like loose ringlets) and it gets so tangled and knotty that (I know this sounds bad) sometimes I don't comb/brush hair regularly cos its so painful. I tend to run my fingers through as best I can between washes and then when I do wash it beforehand I get all the knots out. This can sometimes take ages as I have to take breaks inbetween. I section my hair, sometimes even this is a trauma. The worst area is always at the nape. Now I know I should brush/comb more often but literally its just so bad it puts me off doing it and I'm no weakling when it comes to pain. I have tried plaiting my hair at night but it really annoys me and keeps me awake. No sooner than I brush them all out within 30 mins my hair is knotty again. Brushing always makes my hair frizzy another reason I dont like to brush too often, combs really just dont do the trick and hurt more even though I use a very wide toothed comb.

    So before I give up and have it all chopped off can someone please advice me on how to deal with my problem hair. I use a good quality shampoo and conditioner which I really like and my hair is trimmed regularly and according to the hairdresser is in good condition.

    I have looked at the tangle comb and i just dont think it will be any good for my hair as the teeth look too small.

    Thanks in advance.

    anne xx
  2. liana kay
    try and comb trough in the bath/shower with lots of conditioner , i dont brush my hair everyday either , so dont feel bad!
    Also what i have found helps with static and knottiness at night is a silk pillowcase.
  3. liana kay
    try and comb trough in the bath/shower with lots of conditioner and only was the roots unless you use loads of products , and especcially dont scrunch your hair up and use it as a poof to massage the bubbles in!, i dont brush my hair everyday either , so dont feel bad!
    Also what i have found helps with static and knottiness at night is a silk pillowcase.
    And a detangling conditioner may be good to use after your normal conditioner. No joke, but i had a regular client with fine waist length hair and it would mat up like a piece of felt and no matter what we used it would or me cos i felt that the juniors werent doing it properly- no problem at all , what did he use - tigis control freak for curly frizzy hair , i had some education the week after and sure enough it was down as detangler( but it doesnt say it on the bottle)
  4. angelina221
    The 'tangle teazer' is fab.
    We do Kerastraight treatments in our salon and you have to wash the hair first with a pre cleanser. No conditioner, just the cleanser and then dry the hair.
    When i first had my hair done it was hard to comb through my hair as i need to use conditioner, so i went and bought one of the tangle teazers.
    My hairdresser was very impressed with them. They can even be used on hair extensions.
    Well worth a try i'd say!
  5. frizzy53
    my hair sounds very similar...and the tangle teezer is the best invention ever! ....that and loads of conditioner! :) i bought mine from sallys about £10
  6. minky
    Hi, would you consider a kerastaright treatment ? or a relaxer treatment ?
    or if you prefer your curls
    you could try a curl smoothing balm as it will help smooth it down a lot ,

    or perhaps after you have washed it and used a detangler when its dry .... you could also use a sparingly fine mist of wella shine spray before you comb it , also you could use a pick after washing instead of a comb ?

    Wella UK - Control Straightening Cream
  7. Annie23
    Thanks theres been some really good advice there, I would never have though about using a silk pillowcase. I'm glad I'm not on my own regarding not brushing everyday. I'm not sure I would want to chemically straighten my hair as I do prefer the curls, straight hair looks a bit severe on me cos of my weight gain. Though I must admit if I do straighten with GHD's its much less of a problem. Lots to consider there, thanks again :hug: :hug:

    anne xx
  8. Tracey Roberts
    Hi Annie,
    My daughter has excessivly knotty hair, she only has to move :lol: so I use an empty spray bottle with warm water and some conditioner in it, before brushing, it works wonders on her her, I was reccomended this by a friend, whos daughter has hair like an afro, hth x
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  9. minky
  10. Annie23
    Thanks again for all your help, some great advice there :hug:

    anne xx
  11. jo1983
    Completely agree the TANGLE TEAZER is amazing! and they don't cost that much either!
  12. blondeashbash
    Hi, This may seem a manual way to the rest of the comments But when washing the hair why don't you leave the conditioner on and use a bigger de-tangling tomb to work from the bottom of the hair up slowly combing it. Repeat this when the conditioner is washed out x

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