advice needed for spray tan gone wrong!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by laylah, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. laylah
    wondered if anyone can help me...........
    had a spray tan wednesday in a salon & paid £27 for it..............but my legs are streaky and i have orange marks all around my feet.

    i went back yesterday, very unhappy with it and they resprayed my legs and said to put lemon juice on my feet to get rid of the orange marks where the tan had run.

    after showering this morning........MY LEGS ARE STILL STREAKY and the lemon juice hasnt seemed to work very well.

    Am ment to be going to a party tonight and bought a nice dress!! typical!
    does anyone have any suggestions how i can get rid of the orange marks on my feet?
    i have the st tropez indoors, wondering if i should try and put this over it or will i make it worse?
    any advice would be appreciated!
  2. tinkywinky
    I am a St Tropez classic tanning beauty therapist and also do spray tanning now. I can't think why it has run down your leg, the person doing it must have got the gun too close. I think it is their fault if this is the case as they should have quickly patted the area to prevent the excess from running.

    With the St Tropez step 3 what you could do - this may or may not work, is put St Tropez in the area where it is streaked and then moisturiser round the edges of the streak. Leave it on for 8 hours minimum and then shower it off.This is easier said than done.
    I would demand a refund if I were you! Hope this helps.
  3. laylah
    thanks, ill try it tonight. looks like im wearing trousers now!

    im very disappointed as this was the first time ive had it done and didnt expect it to be streaky - i might aswel have done it myself and saved some money!

    i take it thats not what it normally looks like then! its put me off a bit.
  4. Jaffacake
    you know when you've been tangoed!!! pmsl....

    sorry couldnt resist it!! i know nothing about spray tanning... did a home job on myself once and i had orange ankles knees and elbows for weeks!! I would go back and tell them you want a refund too, you shouldn't have to be sorting it out yourself!! xx
  5. hekate01
    maybe try exfoliating and then rub a oil free moisturiser in and see if that removes the streaks.
  6. laylah
    i dont think i have the confidence to demand a refund!!!!

    been back once already!!

    my legs are all different colours - its terrible.

    ill just try and cover it up when i get home. wont be going back there again.

    thanks for the advice xx
  7. tinkywinky
    Household cleaning products sometimes help bleach the tan off but I did not say that! I really would phone them and explain - then you aren't facing them face to face!! Good luck.
  8. LayStar
    Try exfoliating. Sometimes when I have mine done it clings around the bottom sides of my feet, so I get an exfoliator flannel (from The Body Shop), dab in soap to lather it up and scrub in small circles against your skin. Works for me. But I don't know how St Tropez comes off, I use the Calafornia Tan and it comes off fine through exfoliating.

    If you're going to respray don't spray over where you are already tanned, you'll go darker!!

    Good Luck!

  9. louge

    Ive been spray tanning for a while now and by the sounds of it the therapist probably had the gun too close to you and the setting was probably wrong...too much overspray causing the streaking (unless you got your legs wet after being sprayed). What I tend to do is rub a thin layer of moisturiser into clients hands and feet before spraying, this prevents the solution from clinging. (the solution that doesnt go onto your skin falls to the floor and lands on your feet if that makes sense).
    Dove is very good at removing faketan give that a try. I would go back to the salon to and ask for a refund, especially since you've had to re-arange your outfit.
    Hope this helps
  10. Karen
    I'm probably too late to help you now before your night out, but I'm pretty certain that St Tropez retails a product to remove streaky patches.

    I got mine from Boots when I was last in the UK.

    If i remember rightly, it's a clear liquid (like alcohol) that you rub over the area to remove the excess tan!

    Good luck!


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