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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Enchanting Beauty, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Enchanting Beauty
    Does anyone know where I can get some sachets or small bottles of tea tree lotion to give to clients after waxing please?
    Also, I've seen some aloe vera lotions, are they okay to use or is tea tree better?
    Thanks! :)
  2. Kim Lawless
    Please don't take this the wrong way, but why don't you either tell them to buy some at Boots etc or sell them some?

    I don't retail a thing so it's not like it's I'm getting you to make as much out of your clients as possible. I just think it's an added outlay for you and they'll probably throw it (I never use any samples etc......always forget). They won't appreciate it........people don't value anything that's free.

    Apply after lotion as soon as you wax them and that'll be fine. xxx
  3. Enchanting Beauty
    okay thanks. just wondered as was told to do this at college
  4. BABSann
    Hiya,we retail the Australian bodycare range which is T tree based.It's a wonderful product and we retail lots of it.They do moisturiser,deodrant,oil,face products to name a few.All of which are gentle enough to be applied straight after waxing.

    They do samples and if your clients like they hopefully will buy in the future.It works well for us.Also it's a good incentive for your clients to regularly moisturise which at the end of the day makes life a lot easier for us when waxing.HTH x
  5. angelina221
  6. satinbaby
    I retail sterex aloe vera for clients and phd aftercare wax cream in lemongrass or teatree for larger areas.... most of my clients get the aloe vera gela s they use it on cuts burns bites etc as well xxx
  7. Enchanting Beauty
    thanks for your help everyone :)

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