airbrush training near newcastle?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by pinkpink, May 4, 2006.

  1. pinkpink
    Hi does anyone know where I can do airbrush training near to Newcastle and whats the best airbrushing kit to buy?
  2. tink0191
    There is a place called millenium nails who do airbrush courses it is at Team Valley Trading estate quite easy to get to from Newcastle

  3. pinkpink
    Thanks Suz, I know where it is... just didn't think of them:irked: Thanks:hug:
  4. Seanny
    Coincidental maybe, but Jackie's most recent student on her Airbrushed Nail Art Course at Liberty Nail Design was Julie (I luv the Toon army) who flew over from Newcastle. Ok, it may not be near to you in that sense, but it's not a million miles away either PLUS you'll probably save yourself a fortune on course prices in addition to sampling the famous Oirish charm. :rolleyes: Jackie's away on business at the moment but here's the pricing as I see it, I'll ask her to confirm these if you're interested.

    Course cost =€130 for the day (£90)
    Equipment hire =€20 for the day (£14)
    Return airfare incl. taxes Sept flight €40 (£27) Pick-up and drop-off at Dublin Airport.

    That's a total of approx £131 for a top quality Airbrushing nail art course. I'd go for it myself only I'm already here.

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