Allergic Reaction to Eyelash Extension Glue - Help!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Vixter, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Vixter
    I am just qualified in eyelash extensions and trained with Eyelash Emporium, and have been using their Medium Glue, all been going very well and now have a steady stream if clients, however I have developed what seems to be an allergy to the glue, I was coughing (badly) and throat and neck itching and eyes watering til it drove me mad, so bad I almost had to call the doctor, like hayfever type symptoms, anyway it must be the glue as this was happening after every time I did a set. I contacted Emporium and they were very helpful but obviously cant give me any advice on any other glue, has anyone else had any issues with Emporium glue or any other glue and what did you do, and is there a really good sensitive glue out there anyone can recommend? I need to sort this as I have clients booked and am panicking, as I love doing the lashes and it was all going so well!
    I spoke to Lashbase and ordered their odour free glue yesterday and the FFP13 protection mask but I haven't tried it yet. I have also read that putting a glass of water by the glue during may help so I will do that aswell.
  2. Astarstyle
    I don't do lashes but I so feel for you... I have a blood disease which makes me hyper sensitive to sooo many things (currently reacting to a course of antibiotics) and it is very annoying, and no doubt inconvenient when it's something you need to use daily. The only advice I could give you is maybe keeping some antihistamine with you at all times. Have you tried that? As it's giving you symptoms similar to hay-fever it may well be what you need. Perhaps your doctor could prescribe you some? I really can't emphasise how important it is to give this a go because things may develope further and believe me anaphylactic shock is not a nice thing to go through!

    I really hope they do the trick for you and keep the reaction under control :hug: HTH x
  3. meekz
    Hi Vixter,

    It sounds like you are allergic to the cyanocrylate which is in all the EE glues ,I can tell you now I too had exactly the same reaction which then gave me panic attacks and placing a glass of water next to the glue didnt help me at all. After wasting lots of money on different glues and days of coughing, sneezing and constant snotty noses I found my relief in an air purifier:lol: I did some reasearch on the net and brought one, this as worked for me thank god I still wear a mask and I use the flirties altra with no probs, but I have to make sure before I take the mask off I have disposed of the glue stone and crank the air purifier onto full power.
    Hope this helps I feel for you dont give up I almost did !!
  4. ProperPrincess
    Oh my god how strange. I say this because at the end of October I was lashing a client with a new bottle of glue and had a coughing fit. To the point where I wet myself and three up. Thank god she was a regular. Anyway... I had pneumonia. So I put it down to that when I was taken to hospital. But I recovered and the coughing is still there!!! At every appointment. Well I can do 1 hr and 15 mins before I start to cough. So I was rushing. I use flurries too and it makes me sniffly but no coughing! Do I alternate. Ultra black has now been replaced by platinum ultra black and am advised its less funny so will give it a go?!! Maybe u could too cxx
  5. Astarstyle

    Your predictive text makes me titter! :lol: x
  6. ProperPrincess
    Lol ooops

    I had my new iPhone today. Sorry girls and guys. I meant flirties. Cc
  7. ProperPrincess
    And I meant less fumey x goodness me give me strength xx
  8. Debs001
    Oh I thought of you too when I first read this post, maybe get a mask for future treatments?
  9. ProperPrincess
    Think ill try a mask yeah x Did she tell u debs. Aw I was a right mess. Not as bad as when it first happened but I was dreadful and it's still happening cx
  10. Debs001
    Lol yeah she did say :), she was more concerned with the cat jumping on her and scratching her eyes out as she couldn't open her eyes, lol, I can imagine her lying there blind thinking she's going to have to give you CPR and the being attacked by the ninja cat ;)
  11. ProperPrincess
    I know I was mortified I went to get a drink to stop the coughing n my bloody cat ran in :) lovely cat but a pain in the bum x
  12. Vixter
    Hey there, thanks for all your messages, what type of Air Purifier, (which one) did you get and how much, I havent used my new glue but want to allow more options if this mask and new glue dosnt work.....I might also try the Flirties glue if mines no good, and 'Proper Princess' which glue is the Platinum Ultra ? Where do I get that from, doing my next sets since reaction tomorrow - wish me luck!!
  13. meekz
    Blueair 203 Air Purifier


    Blueair 203 Air Purifier
    Click to see details...

    Blueair® is the system for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air.

    Perfect for use in a smaller space, The Blueair® 203 effectively purifies air in rooms as large as 215 square feet (20 Square metres). Using patented two-stage HEPASilentTM technology, it captures 99.97% of the tiniest .1 micron particles, including allergy provoking pollen grains, airborne dust mite particles, mold spores, and pet dander particles.

    This same filter technology earned the larger Blueair® 503 "Best of Class" ranking in independent testing of Clean Air Delivery Rates. The 203 provides comparable performance for smaller sized rooms. More....

    Hope this helps x
  14. ProperPrincess
    It's on their site. It called platinum black and states it replaces the ultra cx
  15. elliebee
    I have this allergy too. Mine is really bad.

    Just be sure if you are getting a mask, it is a respirator mask, and NOT a surgical mask. The surgical mask will do you no good whatsoever.

    These are the ones I use.
    Individual eyelash extension accessories Page 1

    Cyanoacrylate cures by the presence of moisture particles in the air. This means that the moist parts of your eyes, nose and throat are very sensitive to the drying effect of the vapours.

    I put a little damp cosmetic sponge under the jade stone to attract the vapours. I also use my respirator mask and safety goggles. It is so NOT a good look! However, my clients have their eyes shut anyway and I make sure I clean up and bag everything before I take my safety gear off.

    As lashing become more popular, I think this will become more of a problem for therapists and clients alike.

    Hopefully, a company somewhere is on to it and is currently working on a super alternative! (we can only hope)

    Meekz, I know we've discussed tha air purifier in the past. Do you think it's been a worthwhile investment when you still have to wear your mask?
  16. meekz
    Hi Elibee,
    Oh yeah wouldn't be without it! It also benifits my clients who dont want to wear the mask I always give them the choice and touch wood only ever had one client with a reaction and that was when I didn't have the purifier, so for me it works:) . I position the purifier right next to my couch where I work to get the full effect, and crank it up after each client and then I leave it on constantly to purify the room, I also have a timer that counts down to highlight when I need to change my filter. x
  17. Vixter
    Hey there thanks for advice, what glue do you use now? I have since tried Lashbase No 1 Sensitive and thank god I am ok with it no reaction, but its not sticking the lashes very well at all, so I'm now back where I started again searching for a glue...!!!Help!!!
  18. ProperPrincess
    I take a piriton half he before each appointment! Seems to do the trick! X

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