Allergic reaction to Shellac..possible?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by eden_beauty, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. eden_beauty
    Hi nail geeks.......I hope all is well with you all......I have a perplexing question. I had a client come for shellac mani and pedi 2 weeks ago or more and I emailed to ask how she got on with it and the strangest thing replied...She said she had an allergic reaction to the polish when she brought to her eyes (itchy and puffiness)

    Here's were I think its weird as I carried out consultation and she had no allergies ( I thought it could have been almond oil in solar oil if she had nut allergy.....proves how much we need to do consults first!) but no she has no allergies............however her toes she said are fine and she will have them done again. I do not think it was the shellac because surely she would have had some reaction on her feet too???..... she was away with work abroad so I have asked if she used anything different on her face etc as it's more likely to be that......responses please
  2. StephR
    I've never heard of any1 having an allergic reaction to shellac, doesn't mean its not possible though! I would be exactly the same as you are in thinking that it's either the solar oil or some other product she has been using or in contact with.
  3. geeg
    I agree .. but highly unlikely. A reaction does not just happen in one area when the product has been put on in another. When cured properly with the right uv lamp. Shellac (which is hypoallergenic ) would become innert which means it will not affect anything. Did she have her feet near her eyes?? Far more likely to be something else entirely.
  4. eden_beauty
    This was exactly my thoughts i emailed her and said "
    Shellac is also Hypo-allergenic and 3 free (free from formaldehyde, toluene or DBP)

    These are the reasons I am struggling to understand how it could be the shellac that caused this reaction" among other things so I have no idea............lisa
  5. geeg
    I think she needs to delve a bit deeper into her memory and think of what her hands were exposed to that may have irritarted the skin around her eyes. I believe she had an irritation and not a full blown allergic reaction or there would have been blistering and tissue breakout not just a bit of itching. Insect repellant? Suntan oils or creams? could be anything.
  6. VanMiami
    I had to write to share my experience:

    I have been using Shellac for almost a year and LOVE IT.

    About 7 months ago I began waking up with swollen, red, itchy eyes...really bad!
    So bad that I had to go on steroids from my Allergist and carry an Epi-Pen!

    Per his instructions I kept a journal of everything I ate (including vitamins, aspirin, etc) and did the day I got a reaction, including the date.

    The swelling would sometimes get better, with time, but looked and felt awful and aged me 10 years - horrible!

    Without a solution, I did massive allergy testing with my Doctor...blood work, skin testing, for inhalants, foods, even the 3 day patch test. Cost alot of money!

    All my tests came back NEGATIVE. Then we studied the dates that I got reactions. YES every single time it began the day I got the Shellac! (Every 2 weeks).

    So I soaked off the Shellac at home, and put regular clear polish on my nails. Guess what - no reaction since.

    My Doctor explained its was "contact dermatitis" - you touch your eyes all day long...even though the Shellac was dry, and my finger had been wiped down, chemicals were still being passed to my eyes.

    I miss my nails...but am thrilled to have found the cause for my swelling. I look and feel normal again.
  7. sleepingbeauty
    I myself am ok wearing Bio Sculpture Gel, but I have adverse reactions to the Gel Remover that Bio Sculpture Produce. If I remove clients gel without gloves on & rub my face then my face puffs up quite badly & becomes red.

    If I keep doing it (however little) then my eye closes & the whole of the side of my face swells & I look like Jon Merrick ! And I am not kidding. Initially my doctor thought I had shingles because the whole of my face was numb with it.... It took me a whole 3 weeks to find out what was causing my problem. I now religiously wear gloves & am problem free. If I accidently get gel on my face the whole problem wastes no time in returning...

    Did you lady come into contact with disolve or disperse & happen to rub her face during the application process ???
  8. naturalnails
    From your profile, you appear to be a non professional. Is this the case?

    Are you using the correct Shellac procedures. What UV lamp do you use?

  9. nicole333
    I would just like to add that you can become intolerant and have reactions to things at any time, that you have been fine with in the past. Sometimes it is hard to explain why. You don't need to be touching your eyes either! At one point I found D-sperse causing me to sneeze and have all the tell tale signs, but that was just the smell I found personally too much on that day and I have been fine since.

    I am the same, in that sometimes I will have episodes where my eyes are swollen and I need to use steroid cream. I also can have terribly itchy skin on my arms and legs and I have done nothing different with my routine at all. My GP says I am just one of those people that are very sensitive to things.

    What I have noticed is that it is around times when I have been stressed. There are theories researched that acute stress releases Histamine and this is what I believe is happening in my case and a couple of colleagues at work (not nails!).
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  10. unas escarlata
    Oh you poor thing!! I fin d:solve a much better gel remover than bio sculptures one - perhaps that may help you?
  11. Eyeallergy
    I used shellac on my nails for 6 months and then I developed an allergic reaction on my eyelids. I thought maybe it was my makeup but after a couple months of doing various experiments and cutting out different beauty products I realized it was the shellac on my nails. The eczema on my eyelids went away after I stopped doing shellac on my nails. A few months later I tried shellac again and within a few days the eyelid puffiness and irritation came back. I'm not sure if it was contact dermatitis because I barely touched my eyes.
  12. geeg
    You would have to be touching your eyes for something to affect them. Could be any residual chemicals on your fingers and it could be something in Shellac if it want cured correctly ... Are you using the CND UV Lamp; this is so important?

    People complain they mat be allergic but we never know the whole story do we? Was it really Shellac .. The rel Shellac. Was the correct lamp used? Was it ome other chemical affecting. No one can say what chemicsl they are allergic to until they are tested.

    What we can say is that is much more unlikely to be something in Shellac as it contains none of the usual allergens found in gels. Still a person can potentially be sensitive to any chemical .... If people washed their hands more thoroughly after treatments it would be a big step in the right direction towards removing any potential irritants. A very simple thing to do.
  13. Envy
    Dead right!

    So many techs forget that there is uncured gel in the inhibition layer
    (Oxygen actually blocks some of the surface gel from curing, this is why there is a tacky layer after curing)

    This can still be sensatising to certain individuals and must be removed thoroughly without wiping you hands through it... if you are, then you are overexposing yourself.

    Shellac is the least sensatising hybrid gel/polish on the market, but that does not mean it is completely safe when mis-handled.. Remember, even nail polish can be a sensatiser for some people...

    As geeg has stated, washing hands is the easiest way to keep it clean..
  14. AmeliaR
    I have Shellac on my nails and i also have really sensitive eyes that get red swolen and blotch. Its got nothing to do with the Shellac its because i get an itch under my eye and i rub it and i even do it in my sleep!! Some times i can be sat rubbing under my eye and not even notice!

    I think you client could be doing somthing like rubbing her eyes without even realising!
    When you get something in your head you think its real!! She may think its the Shellac so every time she had Shellac she will think it makes her eyes sore so she will rub them making them sore!! Lol

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  15. Hbing
    Hi, I just did a quick search as to whether there was any info regarding Shellac allergies .. as like the post from natural nail .. I have now been using Shellac since July 2012 and I love it! My Nail technician is fabulous! But the last three times I have had it applied a day later one eye (yes only one!!) has become swollen and itchy and horrible!! I only realised after the 2nd time that once again it was a day after I had had Shellac reapplied. Mine goes down after a couple of days taking antihistamines but is not pleasant! I was hoping it was a coincidence but I had my nails done again last week and once again I swelled (right eye only!) I am wondering whether the newer ones have different ingredients as each of the last three applications have been the newer range which I havent tried before??

    I havent spoken to my nail technician but I will at my next appointment .. Im really hoping its just the newer colours!! :Scared:
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  16. geeg
    There have been no changes. Do you touch that eye? It has to come from touch so I would be careful of that but I would check the bulb life in the lamp (which I hope is a guine CND UV Lamp with genuine CND approved bulbs in it). Not all bulbs give out the required amount of UV light (the amount even varies with the same bulbs used in different lamps ... and this is vitally important with all UV cured products

    It is usually un-reacted/un-cured or even partially cured material that causes contact dermatitus ... is the product fully cured? THAT is the first thing to check;the bulb life and then whether or not you habitually (probably not even aware of it) touch or scratch that eye with your newly applied product. Then go from there.

    There is great advice in this thread from many and I see on looking back I have just about repeated everything that I and others have already posted. Hope it gets better soon.

    I have to point out that now there are 3 first time posts here in this thread all who claim Shellac may have caused this ... which I find very unusual!! Interesting that not one person has returned to tell the end of the tale. Not pointing the finger, but there are troublemakers about .... just saying! There is even a 'secret' facebook page where competitors get together and post things just to cause a bit of agro for Shellac ... again, just saying. :) and what a surprise ... No profiles filled out fro any of them ... just saying. All posts spaced months apart which shows a particularly good knowledge of the site for first timers ... just saying.
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  17. MisstyB
    As I read through i thought the exact same thing geeg...its unusual to see more than one first time postee on a thread so three...dum dum durrrrrm (said in dramatic voice) or maybe its just one of those crazy assed coincidences xxxx
  18. Noodle
    Staff Member
    I would encourage all of our geeks, both new and old, to ensure that their Profiles are completed as far as possible and kept up to date please.

    In the meantime, and since this thread dates back to mid 2011, I am now closing.
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