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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Smyths, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Smyths
    Hi can some tell me how too describe Amy Childs from The Only way is Essexs' hair please what colours would I need too use hers looks vibrant at times so would a bleach bath need too be used? Thanks for any advice you can give me x
  2. babyelephant29
    Hi hun, Amy childs hair colour is goldwell colourance in shade 6r.
    She has got naturally quite blonde hair hence why it looks so vibrant so you may need to lighten to get vibrancy.
    Hope this helps xx
  3. Smyths
    Thx do u know what that goldwell equivalent is in loreal colours pls? X
  4. babyelephant29
    sorry, havent a clue! :D Im not a hairdresser, im sure a hairdresser will be able to help you though. xx
  5. Stylist1
    It would depend on what you have on your hair already or what your base shade is as to what you use. I would advise 66/46 in wella koleston perfect or colour touch,Lovely vibrant shade but also quite high maintenance so be prepared to have it refreshed regularly.
  6. Smyths
    Thx base shade would be dark brunette anyone any idea the colours in loreal please????
  7. alicia-x
    hi, i'm not professional but i am training into being a hairdresser.
    the L'Oreal Majirel equivalent i would say is either 6.35 (cherrywood) or 6.62 (berry)
    i recommend rusk colours as they are a lot more vibrant, i have 6.5M and i love it.

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