An alternative to Lycon waxing

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by Jaderivett, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Jaderivett
    Hi everyone.
    I've been told that Ellisons do a waxing brand that is on par with lycon wax,same ingredients,Same results,but half the price!
    Wondered whether anyone knew which it was, or if they have used it and what they think of it? Tia x
  2. Staceystandeven
    Jeez really? I'd be very surprised if this is true but if it is I bet there is a huge price difference! Hope somebody has any info?
  3. Jaderivett
    I'm sceptical but it was my Elemis rep that came in and said that a salon she had just been to had found out about it. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about it!
  4. Beauty by Roo
    Wouldn't surprise's like supermarket own brands...I bet 99% are made by the big brands.
  5. Skinpassion
    It's the delsera really good
  6. Nettic
    I tried the Delsara wax range it was ok but I found sienna x peppermint creme hot wax much better xxxx
  7. kaysmith87
  8. BeautyRooms
    I would recommend euroblnde peron rigot, I have used for years
  9. Beauty by Roo
    When is Kim Lawless going to release her wax?
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  10. Pamela Jane
  11. Pamela Jane
    Hi im just returning from Scottish Hair& Beauty show... Lycon were there .. but also a company Kreative Hair& Beauty had a wax From Italy Italiwax..
    they had strip and stripless wax very flexible lots of different flavours the White Chocolate smelt devine plus price eise very competive....
    Facebook page kreative hair and beauty distribution ...
    Ive been using this wax for almost 12 months fantastic results !!!!!!
  12. Effi Briest
    I love Adam &Eve waxes

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