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    OK everyone after playing with the techniques on how to do aquarium nails I've come up with an easier way to do them and the thickness of the completed nail is a little more practical! I hope this is helpful for many!

    A few pointers: First your supplies! You'll need two tips of different sizes, for example, if you are using a Size 1 tip for your base you'll want to use a Size 2 tip for the top. Always use a size smaller tip for your top tip! This allows room on the sides to close off the gap between the two.

    You will also need a hypodermic needle, you can buy one over the counter at any local drugstore pharmacy and they are less then a dollar. The needle is thin enough to get deep down between the two tips and helps ensure that you fill the space with enough water to allow for the movement of your selected art products that you place in between, i.e. glitter, confetti, etc.

    I have found that clear gel works the best for this process, so you will need a good builder gel and also a toothpick which will act as a spacer between the two tips so that you'll get the needed space between the tips.

    OK! Everyone ready for the steps! Here they are!

    Step One: Glue your base tip (the larger of the two tips) to a Freddie finger of a toothpick, whatever you are more comfortable with, this will help you work with the tip easier.

    Step Two: Using tip clippers take your top tip (the smaller of the two tips) and cut the well off. You can cut a little further below the well if you'd like. This will allow you some room between the end of the base tip to bevel the product at the end so that the tip doesn't come out so thick.

    Step Three: Using a small ball of your clear builder gel apply to the underside of the Top tip at the free edge end. You only want a ridge at the end of the tip to connect it to the base tip and still allow you some room for your space between the two.

    Step Four: Very lightly place the tip on top of the base tip, when placing be sure you are connecting the top tip to the well end of the base tip. So when you put them together it should be base tip well to top tip free edge. The free edge end of the tip is not as wide as the well end, this gives you side wall space to build product and more thoroughly connect the two.

    Step Five: Cure the product.

    Step Six: Remove the tips from the UV Lamp. Using your toothpick gently push one end in between the two tips at the free edge end. Be sure not to push the toothpick to far in or you will separate the tips. With the toothpick in place as a spacer apply your clear builder gel gently to the two sides of the tips. Be sure to watch for gaps between the two tips as this will allow the water to leak out. Use a very light application and make sure to bring the gel over the sides of the top tip to ensure a good connection. DO NOT SEAL OFF THE END OF TIPS YET!

    Step Seven: Once you are satisfied that you have a good seal between the tips side walls place in UV Lamp and cure thoroughly.

    Step Eight: Remove tips from lamp and remove sticky dispersion film and toothpick.

    Step Nine: Place desired art products in between the two tips. Using your hypodermic needle insert between the tips as far down as you can get it and slowly fill the space with water. Be sure to fill the space completely leaving as little are as possible.

    Step Ten: Using your clear builder gel seal off the end of the two tips using a gentle application, you need to be very careful not to push the product between the tips. Place tips in lamp and thoroughly cure.

    Step Eleven: Remove from lamp and apply gel to entire tip. Make sure to reinforce your edges and build enough product to allow for final shaping. This added product will give extra strength. Place in lamp and thoroughly cure.

    Step Twelve: Remove sticky dispersion film and file to shape. Finish with desired nail art, top coat, etc. Now watch your aquarium nail come to life!

    I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions about the procedure please comment and I will do my best help! It takes some practice so don't give up! I will be trying to put together a diagram and video of the procedure in the near future so please can eye out for it! Also some may have better luck using flatter tips that don't have as much C-curve as others.
  2. pamper yourself
    Thanks for sharing. I will try this for my exam portfolio. It would be interesting to see a few pics if possible.

    Thanks again.
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    Whats a feddie finger of a toothpick?
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    The original poster of this thread has been absent since 2009, unless someone else of course knows the answer to this question.

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