Are there any links between fake tan and psoriasis, eczema, etc?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Sarah22, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Sarah22
    Hey geeks.

    I constantly wear fake tan without giving my skin a break. I know it's really bad, but I can't cope with being pale!! Lol. On the rare occasions when I am pale for a few days, people constantly comment on how ill I look, hahaha!!

    Anyways, I've wore tan constantly for about 2 years and after approximately 1 year, I got dry patches on my arms. Just recently, I've developed large, rough, really itchy patches on my elbows and wrist, and have a feeling it's maybe psoriasis or eczema? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.

    I was just wondering if there are any links between prolonged use of fake tan and these skin conditions?

    It's not one specific brand of tan, I use OMG and White to Brown spray tan, and also He-Shi or White to Brown self tan.

    I'm not blaming the tan, i know it's my prolonged use of it, but I just thought I'd ask all of you lovely geeks for your opinions.

    Thanks xx
  2. Terese
    Do you think it could be your exfoliation on those particular areas? which has caused you to have rough skin?

    I would have thought if it was any tanning product you would build up an intolerance which in turn could lead to an over use tolerance(if you get me)

    More likely your exfoliation on those more prominent boney area to me
  3. Sarah22
    Thanks for replying :)

    Hmmm, I didn't think of that!! When I'm showering, I use exfoliating gloves and a moisturising shower gel, and tend to just scrub everywhere!!

  4. Terese
    why dont you try not exfoliating and using your shower gel over those areas you are suffering with and just apply a nourishing cream to pop the moisture back in, as long as its not a ringworn infection you should notice the difference I would think
  5. Sarah22
    I'll try that, thank you very much :) xx
  6. JenBella
    Hi Sarah,

    Psoriasis is congenital, and whilst lesions can develop as a result of a trauma to the skin, it is something you are basically born with (but the actual physical appearance of lesions may not happen til years later)

    I have it, its been a pain in the backside for the last few years and nothing gets rid of it apart from 2 weeks in Turkey!! Even at that when the patches are gone, the skin underneath has absolutely no pigment so its totally pure white! I would LOVE to get spray tans done but the thought of stripping off in front of a thanks! Mine actually isnt that bad, its on my arms and a bit on one leg. I wish there was something to get rid, and I have tried everything, especially in the summer as wearing long sleeve all the time gets pretty boring.

    Anyway, going off on a tangent there- your doc is obviously the best person to advise you what it is, I hope its NOT psoriasis and whatever it is clears up good and fast for you.
  7. Sarah22
    Thanks for your reply :)

    My mum has psoriasis (she's completely covered) and her doctor told her it's genetic and triggered by stress. I've been majorly stressed recently and it coincides with when the patches appeared, but I'm constantly wearing tan as well :-/

    Poor you :-( My mum doesn't wear short sleeves either, she gets really embarrassed.

    I appreciate your advice - thank you :) xx
  8. JenBella
    see what the doc says...but yep stress is a big factor..i never believed my doctor when he was talking to me about stress, always thought to myself 'im not stressed!! but i was, and notice a definite shift in how sore it is when going through any kind of stressful situations/times.

    i wouldnt worry about the fake tan as products wont bring it on, best thing you can do is get some aqueous cream (cheap as chips!!) and some really gentle soap, or even better, vichy do a sls free shower gel, so try that and after your shower when skin still wet, slap on the cream. the skin will go all white with that cream and then just soak in. in the bath, oatmeal in a muslin bag, hang under the flow from tap...really soothing.

    theres a load of products out there which claim to get rid..ive never found one that works...but using really gentle soap and body lotion and just keeping the skin moisturised well seems to keep it a lot less painful.
  9. Blue Rose
    I'd also recommend you see your doctor & get a proper diagnosis.

    I get eczema, sometimes it's worse than at other times. BUT one thing that can make it worse is Spray Tan :irked:

    I've tried a couple of brands which I'm ok with but one I tried a few months ago brought out some eczema patches. Didn't think anything of it until I tried that brand again last week & I ended up scratching some areas so much, I rubbed the tan off, lol. Will NOT be using that brand again!
  10. Blondie87
    I have eczema, and as it has been said before i find when i'm particularly stressed it seems to flare up. It's more frustrating as it is on my face and tends to be that itchy, scaly way.

    I find that any brand of fake tan i use on my face tends to make it look very tight and dry anyway - and can further aggravate my skin. Maybe try going a few weeks without fake tan and see if it helps by giving your skin a break? Could be a combination of stress and the fake tan.

    I'm sure your doctor will be able to advise you on what will be best and some creams to help soothe the area as well. Hope it all clears up for you soon! x
  11. Sarah22
    It's eczema!! Went to the doctor yesterday and got given lots of creams to put on.

    Thanks for all of your help and advice girls :) xx
  12. gillian w
    I see you do gel nails as well.I wonder if rather than the tan that may have possibly been a factor in irritating your skin it maybe that you have been leaning in uncured gel or wiping gel away from your clients edges and then touching your arms or even getting sticky from your pots.
    Just a thought.
  13. 1hayleybell
    Hi there sorry to here about your eczema I had a bad case a few years ago where my arms completely swelled up and had rashes. I looked like the Michelin man. Took myself off to numerous doctors, I ended up at the Bupa hospital who advised it was eczema, he asked me if I was using a lot of essential oils which at the time my facial range was. I have had to completely rethink about everything I use in the salon and thought if this is happening to me it could my clients. I now use products that are either organic, paraben free.this also includes my spray tan, I use Vani-t in my beauty room which has fab ingredients for your skin which is calming and moisturising. If you would like a free sample pm me. I hope that your eczema clears up soon.
  14. Sarah22
    I never thought of that Gillian!! I suppose it's a possibility :-/ :-( xx
  15. Sarah22
    Oh no!! What a nightmare!! My facial range is aromatherapy, but it's also paraben free.

    I'll pm you now, thanks!! :) xx

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