Ash or Light Blonde Over Bleach??

Discussion in 'Hair' started by Mum2Leo, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Mum2Leo
    Hi Had my Hair Bleached today.
    Am naturally a dark blonde (shade 8/9) and used to have a number 12 wella i think put on it and loved it.

    However last month i decided i wanted to go brown then hated it!

    So had it bleached today however i now have that awful Bright yellow tinge orange all over.

    What i want to know is what can i put over it to put it as close back to the number 12 shade i used to have??

    Would it be an Ash Blonde, Lightest ash blonde, or some sort of an ultra light blonde??

    I will be using a box hair dye probably from the nice n easy range.

    ( i have done this before the same day as bleaching and it came out fine i just can't remember what colour i used ontop of the bleach!)

    Please help!!
  2. j_me_2k
    go for light ash blonde...but if you are using a box colour....just be careful it is a COLOUR rather than another BLEACH....u dont want ur hair to snap off.....

  3. LadyL
    Hi Definitely the Ash or you could see green! Try and go to a salon, when you mess with pigment you just don't know what it will turn out like, leave it to the experts! be warned. sorry!

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