ASP Soak Off Gel

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Tinaballerina, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Tinaballerina
    Hey Geeks,

    Has anybody used this product?

    If so I would really appreciate your comments on it!

    Thanks xxx
  2. Tinaballerina
    Anybody ? :( you buy it from Salon Services? xx
  3. Pinkbunny28
    I'd like to know too x
  4. Tinaballerina
    I think it must be new! they have an amzing offer on at the mo in Salon Services where you get the free UV Lamp, and its no VAT day tomoz !!

    I think I may just take the plunge and buy it as its a really good price - I have noticed online that its £xxx on salon services, but the the shop its over half price less!!
  5. lava shell quee
    love it always in stock wouldnt use anything else :D
  6. Tinaballerina
    I just puchased it from Salon Services this morning eek! very exitied got a really good deal the kit came with 26 colours and everything you need to do the treatment along with a free uv lamp!

    Do you know if you need a gel qualification to apply these? As I know you don't for Gelish so was wondering if it was the same case?

    (I'm going on a gel enhancments course soon anyway but just wanted to know!)

  7. Pinkbunny28
    Yeah you do need a gel course but always good to get stuck in early lol :) x
  8. Tinaballerina
    Thanks Pinkbunny, I didn't think you would have to as Im sure you don't need to for gelish hmm x x x
  9. kelibabe88
    Is this soak off gel in bottles like gelish or pots? X

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  10. Tinaballerina
    its in little pots but hte lady in salon services said that its the same as gelish but you just use it from the pot with a brush and supposed to using it like a nail varnish xx
  11. abi__p
    I used it a while ago and loved it and the colours are lovely. Easy to use :)
  12. kelibabe88
    Ah OK, just wondered if this was a new one of one I already have...
    I have tried this one in pots and if I'm totally honest....I hated it...just couldn't get on with it and didn't think the colours were that great....but after seeing you all like it I might have to dig my kit back out and have another go....maybe I was just being a bit 'special' lol
  13. Tinaballerina

    O no sad to here this lol!! Well once I get round to testing it out I will put my thoughts and some photos on this thread :) xxx
  14. sjk100
    can someone post a link to buy this as I can't find it :( thanks x
  15. Pinkbunny28
    I've not used gelish but it's def not the same bcs gelish is a 'gel polish' and asp soak off is a full on 'gel' if that make sense? You would need a gel qualification for insurance for asp. You could always ring ur insurance company anyway to check. Hth x
  16. Tinaballerina

    Hey I bought mine from Salon Services (In store) but you can also buy it on Salon Services online as its more expensive!

    Thanks Pinkbunny for your response, I shouldn't have listened to the lady in Salon Services lol! x x

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