Back,sack and crack waxing for the Guys

Discussion in 'Skin' started by collin, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. collin
    Having just heard about this treatment I cannot for the life of me comprehend the pain thats involved for these poor guy's :eek:

    So come on who offers this service and what is going through your mind when your undertaking the treatment...

    is it a case of

    A) Ching ching more money in the till
    B) Enjoyment at the sense of revenge at last against the male species.
    C) all of the above
  2. Bagpuss
    Its no worse than women have had to put up with for years....and more....:lol:
  3. CadenceAlex
    I should imagine Therapists would get the same satisfaction from giving a good service to a Man, as they would giving the same service to a Woman! It is great to make people happy with their appearance!

    Personally though, I should think alot more effort is required waxing a Mans bottom than a Womans!!! :green: Where do you start and finish?! :lol:
  4. tonilee
    I have to say Collin I only offer my services to the ladies, although am positive therapists wouldnt offer this purely as some type of revenge on men!! I often think I should offer this treatment as yes kerching indeed plus in my circle there would be a demand for this!! This is the era of the Metrosexual Collin, men like to take just as much pride as the ladies do!! Why dont you experience the treatment firsthand am sure a geek would be willing to perfrom the said treatment for you......:lol::lol::lol:
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  5. collin
    Agreed but,but,but (forgive the pun's) at least you have had time to get used to the experiace...its all new to us guy's ......

    After all we are apparently very sensitive beings ....just look at how we have MUCH worse colds than you ladies do :lol::lol::lol:
  6. Noodle
    Staff Member
    What about us poor girls?!

    Having a bikini wax ain't exactly a walk in the park I can tell ya, but we do it just the same.
  7. Kim Lawless
    Erm................I guess that's me then !

    I do mainly mens intimate waxing or Back Sac & Crack as it's commonly known; although the terms Boyzilian or Manzilian have taken over.

    The wax that I use doesn't really cause much pain (if any) but that's really down to the technique of the waxer.

    The men get it done because it feels really clean, they like the feeling of freedom that it gives them and it heightens sensitivity (improves their sex life). More often than not, it's their girlfriends/wives who call up to book them in. They tell me that their man shaves 'down there' and they hate it as it's really uncomfotable for them (the girlfriend/wife).

    Tell you what Collin...........I'll give you a free wax and you can report back to the geeks on your experience.
  8. CadenceAlex

    Yes that is the case in our house.. me and the children get a cold whilst my husband gets the worst flu that mankind has ever known!! :green:
  9. collin
    your going to have to get me pretty drunk before I will let you or anyone within a mile of me with wax pot in hand..

    Just plucking the odd nasel or ear hair already brings tears to my eyes...unfortunatley the older im getting the more of these nasty little buggers keep sprouting out of the most unusual of places..places that I didnt even reolise I had :lol::lol:
  10. sian1979
    there is an interesting article on this in womans own....and how david beckham has encouraged this trend. it also mentions kims appearance on gmtv!!!!:):):)
  11. collin
    Well I guess he would have to get it done now wouldnt he ...if he (as is claimed) walks around his home in Victoria's thongs (sorry David but I guess this news was already out there mate) :eek::eek:
  12. rebelrebel
    I have done my hubby, it was hilarious:lol:
  13. Kim Lawless
    Ooh thanks.........I wondered when that was coming out. xxx
  14. collin
    perhaps he would be kind enough as to post details of his experiance from his perspective..I wonder if it will be the same as yours??:eek:
  15. Kim Lawless
    Anyway Collin...........It looks like you've already been waxed. That is you in your avatar right? :)
  16. tinkywinky
    Hey colin

    What about us women,

    Giving birth now that is painful

    What about brazilian, underarm, lip - you name it we wax it


    But hey I see you point

    Any pain is not good in my eyes!
  17. angelina221
    :evil:well i've never done a wax but i think i could do a b s & c as my first practice piece. gosh i would be really slow what with having no experience so i assume it would be extra painful-hehehe. have a list of people i would like to do as well. gosh i'm such a sadist:)
  18. collin
    OMG hoping im not on that hit list:lol::lol:
  19. Ruth Mills
    As a transvestite that likes to be smooth "down there", I've been waxed in that area on several occasions now; I've found that having hot wax done is much preferable than strip wax - with hot wax the pain is at least tolerable.

    I guess, as I keep coming back and having it done again and again, the smoothness wins out over the pain every time ;)

    Ruth :green:
  20. Tracey Park
    Most of my waxing is mens intimate waxing or Back Sac & Crack.

    Like Kim the wax we use doesn't cause as much pain as some of the older types of wax out there. It is also down to the way that the therapist removes the wax as well that really does help with the pain factor and lets be real here we are ripping hair from the root so we are going to get some pain. Feels like being slapped with a ruler and ive been slapped with a ruler and it stings for a moment then goes.

    Men like to feel clean like us women do so whats wrong with that. It does many other things as well but can not go into that on here but been told it does work and improves buy 100% plus.

    I wax because I love waxing with a passion. My clients are happy when they leave which makes me happy. What more can a person want !!!!

    I just love to wax.

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