Back,sack and crack waxing for the Guys

Discussion in 'Skin' started by collin, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Ruth Mills
    For London I'd say Kim Lawless, The Wax Queen

    Andy Rouillard is excellent too but he's out in Basingstoke, Axiom Bodyworks | Male Grooming: Hair Removal

    And for the Birmingham area, Angelina's Hair & Beauty in Kidderminster, Angelina's Hair and Beauty - Kidderminster, Worcestershire - Male Treatments

    Hope that helps.
  2. stirthemud
    There is also Fozzyo on here from Wolverhampton who is a male trained waxer.
  3. Ruth Mills
    Matt would get my vote too - so sorry Matt for my stupid amnesia there! So Matt or Angelina for the Birmingham area then :)
  4. fozzyo
    And I'm in Wolverhampton centre. :)

  5. Kim Lawless
    Check out my site The Wax Queen I specialise in mens waxing and have developed my own technique.
  6. daisy loo
    what a great thread! Me and Hubby were having a great laugh over this one. I'm still trying to convice him to have this done but absoultely no chance!!
  7. TheBack&Beyond
    I'm sure I've said this before.

    No 'bloke' ever mocked a lady for having a lip wax, getting plastic nails stuck on, being fleeced for marginal skin treatments for little benefit or having a poison injected into their faces!

    Why then, is it 'OK' for ladies to mock a chap for wanting to have a hairy bit waxed smooth?

    IMHO it is extremely unprofessional to present such a lary view of what customers want - especially in such an emotionally sensitive area. Any chap Googling male waxing and seeing your reply might be dissuaded and permanently put off seeking further treatment.

    I could snigger at what you do is shocking and uncomfortable. Do you specialise in Male Waxing by the way? No? I though not.

    Please. Do think this through before you post from the back of your kindergarten class.
  8. Sarzy
    Just to set the record straight I was not mocking in any way.

    This is why people don't bother with Salon Geek anymore. I know I wont in future. Don't judge someone you know nothing about .
  9. Zo Zo
    FYI... Sarzy works with Andy at Axiom Bodyworks!
  10. Kim Lawless
    Take no're entitled to speak up! xx
  11. Ruth Mills
    Ouch, I'll keep out of the politics, sorry!
  12. TheBack&Beyond
    Oh dear. It's all gone wrong and I'm to blame!

    I can only apologise to whoever is feeling hurt and promise to try not to get to passionate about niche services next year.

    Sorry. Jason.
  13. smooth

    We all occasionally suffer from knee jerk reactions, you apologised and that is what now matters x
  14. smooth
    Had to google this to see what it was. I never knew male intimate waxing is now so popular!

    How do you know when to stop when you do the bum part? I'm IPL'ing my hubby, he's braved the back but he shaves and trims pretty much everywhere else. I daren't suggest any other areas as he would probably look ridiculous as his legs, arms and chest are really hairy (as well as his entire bum cheeks)
  15. Zo Zo
    When to stop? Well, if you are thinking that majorly hairy legs are going to look silly with a smooth back and bum... not necessarily so. The reverse is far worse... smooth legs and a hairy bum - is a definite NO! (In my opinion, lol.)

    When we wax the back and bum and the legs are hairy but not on the hit list, we often blend the top of the legs with clippers. Hope this make sense.
  16. Zo Zo
    Well done Jason:hug:
  17. Sarzy
    Thank you Jason for your apology. We are all prone to outbreaks of high passion sometimes, myself included! Happy & prosperous New Year.
  18. smooth
    Absolutely! Will see if I can persuade him to have some IPL there.
  19. Kim Lawless

    I think what happens on forums is that we take each reply as though it's directed at us personally when the comment may have been general or directed at another person. x

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