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  1. wendynailedit
    Hi guys. I'm looking for a little reassurance really. I've had 2 clients this week who, when having their Shellac removed, have had awful, dehydrated nails underneath, shellac missing off several altogether and peeling, splitting, broken nails. I've advised them to have a break and drench their nails in solar oil for a couple of weeks and we'll review them then. They aren't great at applying their oil, of that I'm certain! It does worry me though how bad their nails are.

    Could it be something I'm doing? I'm really new to this, and potentially losing 2 clients is really worrying for me. One of them had been going to a salon and having shellac before she came to me, and had no problems with her nails breaking. However after speaking to her, i found out that they were removing her shellac by soaking her nails in bowls of acetone. She only went twice, but could this have caused her nails to be in a bad way before she came to me?

    Sorry for the long story!

    Any advice would be great.
  2. Miss Pink23
    Shellac does not ruin nails!
    You need to make your clients aware of the importance of Solar Oil to keep the nail plate hydrated.
    The white or dryness you are seeing upon removal of Shellac is what the nail would naturally shed if no product was applied. Its just that it cannot shed while Shellac is on and so becomes more evident when removed.
    There is nothing to worry about and they do not need a break.
  3. wendynailedit
    Oh thank you. I was so worried because they look awful! Also, so many of them have broken really short they look terrible! Would they have been damaged by all the acetone from being soaked previously? She hadn't been advised of using solar oil until she came to me either which hasn't helped! X
  4. kezza*
    I have a few clients like this, they say they are using solar oil when they aren't snd one client say's she removes the shellac the nail before she comes in and you can tell she has peeled it off. I recommend an almond oil treatment if their nail's look dehydrated.
  5. wendynailedit
    Thanks kezza. I know they aren't using solar oil-I gave them both a pinkie bottle and they haven't replaced it in 2 months! Thanks for the advice. X
  6. SamIam
    Something else to consider is how much women do during the holidays. A lot of cooking, cleaning, etc. More than what we normally do. I tell my clients that is the reason their nails may be breaking or looking a little ragged. And of course, they didn't use their oil like they should have!! Too busy!! It isn't Shellac or the acetone (no matter how it is done) that is creating the problem, it is lifestyle and not using their oil daily!!
  7. C the Results
    I'm afraid I would say it is better to give them a break and offer a hydrating oil Mani instead for a couple of visits, shellac does not stay on nails like this and your client will get fed up! Solar oil is a must and soaking in acetone will of not helped as it dries the nails xx
  8. wendynailedit
    To be honest thats what I thought. Seeing how bad they look will remind her to use her oil-if I re-shellaced them she'd just forget again! I didn't want her to waste her money and have them come off in a matter of days. I might just win her back this way! X
  9. wendynailedit
    Yes I agree. She admitted she had been picking at labels and Sellotape, plus extra chores. I really hope I keep her because she's lovely! X
  10. SamIam
    Let's take a logical look as to whether acetone dries out nails or not? If acetone is so drying then everyone, and I mean everyone, would be having dry nail issues, with lots of breakage, etc. That isn't the case. Even for those who don't use their oil (and I have plenty of them, because they don't listen to what I tell them), not everyone's nails break because of soaking in acetone, so it can't be that drying and causing breakage. I feel a lot of the issue with nail breakage with wearing Shellac, or any gel polish, on a regular basis is due to chemical makeup of each individual's chemical make up of their natural nail, shape of their natural nail, their lifestyle, type of work, etc. Let's get real here, natural nails break......period!

    Not up for debate, just taking a logical look at what could cause nails to break besides acetone.
  11. Little Clarky
    Are you using the removal wraps to remove your shellac? When shellac first came out we soaked it off like we did extensions, in a soak off bowl. Some, (not all), of our regular shellac clients began having some problems with peeling and large dehydration marks after removal. After speaking to CND I was advised that it was likely to be the drying effects of the acetone and that using removal wraps would help with this, minimising the exposure to the nail, (as well as using solar oil). We changed our removal procedure and have had no subsequent problems.
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