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    Dermalogica are hoping that their new system has revolutionised the meaning of healthy coverage. Their two new products, Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20 and Dermalogica Cover Tint SPF 20 are all about perfecting your face and protecting your face. Simples.

    Both products are as much about improving skin health (as well as just appearance) and work to conceal surface imperfections by either adding a subtle wash of sheer colour or laying it for greater and more defined coverage meaning that the individual can customise and choose level of required coverage. (Ed's note: plenty of layers for me).

    It's a versatile system that offers two levels of coverage in three different shades - light, medium and dark. Both products integrate broad spectrum UV defence (meaning those pesky ageing, cancer-inducing rays don't give you any bother), both are hydrating, both contain antioxidants and both support skin cell renewal and contain collagen for bouncy, firm skin. Plus, they make you look pretty damn good too.

    All in all, there's little to complain about here. Tried and tested by yours truly, I like them a lot. Coverage is good but it doesn't feel as if you're plastering make up on your face. It feels a lot more like a moisturiser than a foundation and the coverage beats any tinted moisturisers I've used. I'm betting your clients will like them too.

    Until then...geek on!

    The Ed.

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  2. tracymileham
    I can't.wait for these and neither can my clients I have tried and tested also I get my primers sent the end of this week... Dermalogica just gets better and better
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