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  1. CAT44
    Hi, i am enrolling on a Beauty Diploma Level 2 course in september, it is a VTCT course which runs for 12 months and includes everything that is in the NVQ Level 2 qualification. I just wanted abit of advice about if this qualification is enough to go and work in a salon?
    Do i need to also do a level 3 qualification to gain employment?
    I thought i might do this Level 2 Diploma first and then do further individual courses for nails extensions and massage etc.
    Any advice would be great

  2. Deanna<3
    Hi =],

    Level 2 is great and learn so much, and so much of that is used in a salon but they are I spose greedy yeah you could get employed just based on level 2 but they would prefer someone level 3 qualified as they can get more treatments etc out of them i just finished level 3 and everywhere i looked was looking for level 3 and experience so i was abit annoyed but you know what i just applied for them all and i got a job out of it and im sure you could some places do just want people in for the level 2 treatments even if they ask for level 3 i think u should still apply yeah they will proberly turn you down but they might keep you in mind when there looking for a level 2
  3. persianista
    I wouldn't call alons "greedy" for wanting PROPERLY qualified staff for the services they offer.
    Level 2 is very basic, and most skincare companies insist that people are level 3 qualified before they can go on the product training courses.
  4. Lou_Lou
    I agree with Persianista, if you can do NVQ3 you're job opportunities will be greater. If I had the choice of employing a Level 2 or 3 Therapist, I'd definately choose Level 3, not because I'm greedy but because many of the treatments we offer require Level 3 or equivalent. If I were you I would definately carry on to do Level 3 after, also try and get some work experience in a salon while doing Level 2, even if it's unpaid. It will really help. Good luck with your course.
  5. fluffydreams
    Yeah, ideally Level 2 and 3 is desirable. But, that's only two years of your life and you have those skills forever!
    I have done both and in my Level 3 Beauty, Swedish Body Massage is included so there's your massage qualification :)
    And I also did Nail Services. This included Spray Tanning as well as nail extensions. This was only one more year.
    Three years and I have all this knowledge and I had fun doing it and made new friends. Don't think of it as three long years, think of it as three fun years to aid the rest of your life.
  6. Teaze
    The diploma is much different to the NVQ the diploma (if i remember from the C&G meetings i attended last year) when you have completed the diploma to work prctically in a salon you will still need to go on to do a NVQ level 2 Beauty therapy
    the following is from the diploma level 2 handbook
    On completion of one of these qualifications candidates may progress into employment or to the
    following City & Guilds qualifications:​
    • ​
    City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy

    • ​
    City & Guilds Level 2 NVQ in Beauty Therapy

    • City & Guilds Level 2 NVQ in Nail Services.
    HTH x
  7. Beanie
    Ive just completed my Level 2 Diploma, we were trained in:

    * Manicure
    * Pedicure
    * Facials (Using Dermalogica)
    * Waxing
    * Eye Treatments

    We also had training in:

    * Eyelash perming
    * Sugaring
    * Ear piercing

    We had 16 written assignments to complete from september 09 to march 10 and then started formative practical assessments and once they were completed, we started summative practical assessments and finished in July when we handed in our portfolio containing all of our written work and consultation forms.

    During our level 2 course we were given information about which courses to sign up for this september, a choice of:

    * City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Beauty - Facial electrical, spray tanning, epilation, advanced waxing techniques
    * City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma In Body - Refelxology, body electrical, indian head massage, body massage, aromatherapy

    During our last month at college we were informed that city & guilds were considering merging the two courses and replacing epilation with microdermabrasion. This hasn't been confirmed, and I've since had a letter informing me that the college may not receive funding this year for the city & guilds L3 diploma, so they have offered NVQ 3 as an alternative.

    I have to be honest, the £2,000 price tag and the fact that the college is openly advertising the ACTUAL qualifications in a L3 Diploma as being ONLY:

    * Body massage
    * Facial Electrical
    * Body Electrical

    ...Seems a bit over the top and pointless for me! Im seriously considering sticking with what i've got (My L2) and doing separate courses in things like: Tanning, nail enhancements, eyelashes and possibly massage at a later date. Im planning on going mobile and gaining experience for myself rather than going for a salon/spa job.

    Anyone else heard anything about L3 diploma content/training/funding etc?? xx:)
  8. CAT44
    Thank you for the replys.
    It does make sense that your more likely to get employed with a Level 3 than with a Level 2, i also did abit of research into job vacancies and most of them did say level 3 required. But most of them also said NVQ level 3 or equivalent, so i'm guessing that the Diploma courses are classed as the equivalent. I have really looked into the diference between an NVQ and a Diploma and the course i would be doing is exactly the same as an NVQ, and it does say that i can then progress onto Level 3 NVQ so i would be able to get onto the Level 3 with this diploma.
    So i'm off to college in a few weeks time and very excited.
    Fingers crossed all goes well :) xx
  9. eager beaver
    The level two diploma, as you say, is equivalent to the NVQ, the practical content is the same, one of the main differences is the completion of some assignments, you will still have unit theory exams an written questions to complete.
    There is a level two diploma in hair and beauty- this is completely different and not a practical course at all, an is aimed at 14-16 year olds, I think this is what Teaze may be referring to?
    Level two will get you a job, but if time and finances allow it, completing your level three aswell will make you much more employable, as you will have a wider skills base, and it shows you have a commitment to training (IMO).
    Best of luck :)

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