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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Inked_Skin, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. Inked_Skin
    Hello, could some people please give me some examples of what they think will be a good name for my business. It will offer all aspects of beauty therapy including spray tans, professional make-up & also photography.

    I am very much into tattoos as you may have seen from my profile picture, I want something tattoo inspired but not so it is portrayed as a tattoo studio.

    I have never been into the feminine designs personally for myself and want something abit edgy and unique.

    Thanks x:lol:
  2. Susie H
    Now then, I do not want to offend you, I really really mean that:hug::hug:
    So please don't get offended:Scared:
    You are obviously a creative person, with a strong personality so no, I'm not going to sugest a name. I'm going to tell you how you can find a name.
    I would like you to take a minute and think, you must have spent a lot of time thinking about your salon, the products, the decore, how to make your shop front stand out from the rest.
    When a cartoonist makes a portrait of someone they do it with snap shot looks. A quick look at the person and then down at the sketch pad, they put the first thing they saw down on the pad, then nose, for example, then another quick look and the next thing that stood out.
    It's the same for your salon, what's the first thing that you think of?
    Mine! Yay! Smug! OH MY GOD!
    What ever it is, write it down. That's your mood, then think of your clients, the other trade around you, the colour that you love.
    Then write down with out thinking, the words that pop into your head.
    Otherwise, what you'll get is what we would name your salon which is a reflexion of our personallities instead of your's.
    Once you've got a few idea's going then please do post them and get some of the feed back from the geeks, a lot of them are great for getting the play on words just right.:hug:
  3. Inked_Skin
    Thank you, that as really helped me. I never thought to think of it that way. I will get my thinking cap on and post some on here soon :D x
  4. Inked_Skin
    Arghhh, this is quite hard to think about, especially as I am looking at myself hah. I wondered if some of you will take the time to have a quick peek at my picture and write down a word that springs to mind when you see me. This will help me alot, thank you x

    I thought of 'the edge'..but I already know a few hair/beauty salons with that name :(
  5. laurajl
    you look very partictlar and as if every thing has to been in is place, and like light colours.

    The first names sprung to mind is;
    The Perfect Peace
    The Perfect Piece

    Hope this helps in some way x
  6. laurajl
    looking at ur tattoos

    other names ....
  7. Bettierae
    Posted via Mobile Device beautiful soul. The art of beauty. Artistic beauty. Creative beauty. I'm on my mobile and these are a little cheese-esque! Will have a little think and post properly tomorrow x x
  8. coleen

    its really hard to think of names
  9. Susie H
    I like the second one, or a perfect piece of beauty, with something arty on the logo that reflects your tattoo's?
  10. Angelaznailz
    Beautiful You

    Hmmm..........I've gone blank now !:irked:
  11. Perfected
    Modification Enhanced.

    Enhanced Modification.

    You know, because, tattoos are body modification, but really, so are most beauty treatments... You are enhancing this is how I came up with the ideas.

    Beauty Modified
  12. CherryBeauty
    Hi - its difficult isnt it. When I was thinking about my business name I thought about how I wanted to look. I knew I wanted a strong logo and have always liked the 'twin cherry' image and I thought that would be a memorable image. Silly though it sounds it then took me about a month to have the idea of having the actual word 'cherry' in my business name!

    I read an interview once with the guy that started up those 'moonpig' cards and he was saying that although he has a bit of a silly name for his business and its got nothing at all to do with the type of business they do, its a name that you wont forget.

    So - with that in mind maybe you want to try and think of something that means something to yourself, will translate well into a strong logo for you, and is different to other beauty / nail businesses in your area so client referrals will remember your name easily.

    These might be completely not what you are looking for but here goes some ideas!
    Tiger Beauty
    Spike Salon
    Beauty Point
    Fruity Beauty

    Best of luck anyway - I hope it goes well for you!
    Sharon xx
  13. blush09
    no sugestions im afraid but i love someone elses rec of :
    the art of beauty
    as a mua myself i regard makeup application as an art form, as i guess spray tanning is .. an art to master perfectly
    and of course, your tattoos .. again art, which reflects your personality
    i think thats the perfect name
  14. FingerNailFixer
    I use the name for my web design company, but it was the first thing that popped in my head for you and I would share ;)

    Instinctive Illusions
    Posted via Mobile Device
  15. tigi
    Diva Ink

    diva nails

    beauty ink

    twinkling moon (see the ink is in there)


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