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  1. kel81
    This sounds most interesting!! But I don't have Sky....[​IMG]....
  2. novo
    Only got to wait till tomorrow night for our next hit!! I believe its the Yorkshire college of Beauty its definately in Yeadon tho! Actually think of all those poor girls who have been through this course God they must be taking a hammering! Still I look forward to hearing what we all have to say after tomorrows show. (and yep the commentator is so droll).
    pam x
  3. Claddagh Nails
    TV show zooms in on beauty college

    If you've ever wondered what beauticians are talking about when they discuss the perfect "Brazilian", the latest fly-on-the-wall TV documentary should provide the answer.

    And by watching the reality show about students at The Yorkshire College of Beauty Therapy in Yeadon, it is clear they are not chatting about men sunbathing on the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

    Beauty Salon follows the progress of an intake of students at the prestigious college for a year as they master the intricacies of the radical form of body waxing and various other beauty techniques.

    From blackhead blitzing to manicures, massages and body polishing involving banana, papaya and strawberry, the students discover whether the glamorous image of the beauty business lives up to their hopes and dreams.

    The Yorkshire College of Beauty Therapy is home to 150 wannabe beauticians from across the country and overseas. Students range in age from 16 to people in their 40s.

    The ten-part documentary has been given a prime time slot on Sky One and the first show was screened last night.

    For many of the students it is the first time they have lived away from home and the documentary's producers have promised plenty of emotion and high spirits from the women on screen as the courses progress during the series from their first day last September on either one or two year courses.

    The students are immaculately presented at all times with full make-up, white uniforms and French plaits, conditions laid down by Christine Tilley, who set up the college in 1983.

    It is now regarded as one of the most successful in the North of England, with many of its beauty therapy graduates moving to work in top spas in Britain or overseas.

    Miss Tilley said the documentary's producers had originally planned to film at various locations in the north of England, but after visiting the college decided to focus solely on the Haworth Lane college.

    She said: "Sky rented a house in Yeadon and two crews followed myself and the students and our lives day and night for 11 months.

    "They tracked the students through their inductions, exams and graduations and through the emotions, trials and tribulations.

    "It has been different with the cameras there and I think we are all going to miss them."

    A Sky One spokesman said: "The majority of the the students are state-funded, attending the course for one day a week and working elsewhere for the other days.

    "Many are facing the challenges of college life with uncertainty, and, striving for independence, it is a highly emotional time for them.

    "Snobbery and tension is rife between them and the "posh" girls whose fees are paid for by wealthy parents."
  4. geeg
    Of course you know her name Sam!!! Is the school still at the Manor/Dragons??? I go way back with her. Enough said.

    Someone said earlier she sure knows how to make money ..... you are so right. That is the first criteria.

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