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Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by LunaLaFaye, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. LunaLaFaye
    I have decided that I want to become a nail tech... But due to financial and other reasons, I can't yet.

    I was wondering if anyone thinks it might be a good idea to practice on myself in the meantime, using products available to me as a consumer. This way I will at least have some understanding of the application process when I can actually train... I realize there is more to it than that, which is why I would never do anybody else's nails until I have the proper knowledge and training to do so.

    I had my nails done last week by a woman who has had her own shop for 6 years and her acrylic application was kind of bumpy...she never bothered to really file and shape the nail, just cleaned up the free edge a little. I've since filed them into a better, smoother shape... also, she basically refused to do the design I wanted (coffin shaped baby boomer/french fade sort of look) and did a simple french tip... The whole experience makes me want to practice and do it myself until I'm able to pursue it as a career. I've been watching Naio Nails, Nail Career Education, and some other nail techs on youtube and I've picked up some things in doing so.

    Sorry if this sort of post isn't allowed. I read the forum rules, but I still wasn't sure. To clarify, I'm not asking for tips on how to DIY. Just wondering if it would be worth my time...
  2. Trinity
    In short, no :)

    There are plenty of pitfalls, dangers and problems with doing nails, if you start with bad habits they will be impossible to 'train out' when you get proper training. Every professional system behaves differently, and there is a million miles of difference between pro and DIY products, so you'd be wasting time and money. Save the money you'd spend in DIY stuff and put it towards your training.

    Watching a fully trained tech be it in a salon or on video makes things look easy, thats why everyone thinks they can do it but you never see the out takes!

    Start properly and you will not regret it I promise
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  3. LunaLaFaye
    Thank you! You do have a good point.

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