Bendy, weak nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Simone Daly, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Simone Daly
    I have 2 ladies who have very weak bendy nails. No strength even at the cuticle. Therefore gel polish and hard gel extensions don't last very long. Is there a product I can use underneath the gel systems to strengthen the nail and improve the condition of the nail.
  2. Bexnorm
    Ibx would be a good one to look into. Penetrates through the nail plate to strengthen so it will continue to work as nail grows through even after each removal of gel polish and when re applying under each gel polish nails will only get stronger.
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  3. fluffycloudland
    I love IBX, even on normal nails it stops breakage. Louella Belle stock it.
  4. Simone Daly
    Thanks a mill, sounds exactly what I need. Can you tell me if it's used instead of base coat or as an extra layer underneath base coat? Is it cured under uv?
  5. Simone Daly
    Oh and can I use it under gel extensions?
  6. Bexnorm
    It's an extra treatment as takes a while for the first use on a client so can also add around £10 onto the treatment price and would be underneath the base coat. It's heat dried with either heat bulb or warm air and also uv cured. Can get it from Louella or also Sally's. I can't see why can't use under ext. I only do natural nails but pretty sure can use under anything or even on it's own.
  7. Hopeelanor
    Hi can it be used under acrylic
  8. Simone Daly
    Thanks everyone. I'll be getting this asap. Thanks Bexnorm for extra info!
  9. LynnieS
    Does anyone find the gel doesn't stay on as long when used under gel polish?
  10. Simone Daly
    I'm back again. I've ordered the ibx and am excited to try it. Been reading the steps and when they say after the ibx proceed with the normal gel polish steps does that also include buffing the nail to get rid of the shine?
  11. lala85
    When I use IBX before gel polish I do all the cuticle work and filing before, I also lightly buff the nail plate as usual. once IBX is finished I go straight in with my base after a thorough cleanse, if you buff after IBX then you will be removing some of it so it defeats the object really.
  12. Simone Daly
    Thanks lala85, that's kinda what I thought but it wasn't that clear in the demos!
  13. Missy87
    Biosculpture Gel is great for soft, weak, flexible nails.x
  14. Simone Daly
    Thanks Missy87, I've ordered the IBX now but I'll defo look more into the Biosculpture too.
  15. debbie 2324
    Can it be used with an LED lamp? The IBX ?
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  16. lala85
    Debbie it can be used with LED I use my Gelish 18g lamp on 30 sec cure

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