Best acrylic brushes?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Jendog, May 19, 2011.

  1. Jendog
    Hi can anyone help find good acrylic brushes with metal toppers?? X
  2. cookiemonster

    Hi Jendog

    welcome to salon geek, there have been a few posts in the last few days regarding best brushes for L & P (acrylic), the nsi royal precision brush no 8 has a metal top, have a look at the following threads:

    Best brush to use with L&P?

    Which brush ?
  3. Celebrity Nails
    I asked a similar question earlier in the week and I was recommended CREATIVE NAIL CND PRO SERIES ULTRA SCULPTOR BRUSH. I have just made the purchase on Ebay. I checked with a Nail Technician friend and she also said it was a good one. If you check out my posting Which Brush posted on 17/5/2011 and look at the video Geeg put on it - it may help.
  4. Deena
    Three immediately spring to mind for me and they're the ezflow, entity and nsi brushes. They all have metal tops/caps and are all excellent brushes. :biggrin:
  5. Jendog
    Thanks guys much appreciated xx
  6. jojosnails
    I LOVE my CND Ultra Sculptor brush!
  7. catrat05
    Just got my new ezflow 508 omg I love it !! Had a few CND brushes before this one and they were also awesome :)
  8. The Beauty Shed
    EzFlow 508.....will never go back to a CND brush after switching to this!

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