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Discussion in 'Business' started by SarahTeehee, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. SarahTeehee
    Hey everyone,
    I'm wondering if anyone could suggest a booking system/software that allows bookings for multiple locations.
    Timely and Mindbody are what I have so far, can anyone suggest others?
  2. BannerPenguin
    Ovatu I believe does.
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  3. Cathy's spa
    Hi Sarah, it depends how you want your customers to be able to book. baxus is one that easily let's a user choose a location on a website then book there. Here's an example of a business that does it that way. Hope that helps!
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  4. xXcharleyXx
    Try shedul
    It's free, has online booking, is cloud based and you can have unlimited staff locations services etc
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  5. Naughty Nat
    we love shedul at the minute
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  6. squidgernetball
    Ovatu xox
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  7. Adam Chatterley
    Hi Sarah,

    There are a few systems our there that can technically handle multiple sites, as evidenced here above, it comes down to what your priorities are, what you want the software to do for you and also how complex your operation is.

    Given that you have mentioned Timely and MindBody this gives me an indication of the sort of system you are looking at and also the sort of budget you have in mind. In this case I would HIGHLY recommend you take a look at Baxus (also mentioned by Cathy above). I have been working with this software (and it's predecessor) for a while now and in my personal opinion, in this level of the marketplace it is the hands down winner. Not only is the software great, but the support is fantastic too . . . anyone currently using ANY software system will understand how important this is.

    Best of luck . . .

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  8. SarahTeehee
    Thanks for the all help everyone! Xxx

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