Best brush to use with L&P?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by gracefulnails, May 16, 2011.

  1. gracefulnails
    any advice on what is the best brush to apply acrylic with? mine is just not cutting it at all, it seems much too soft to be able to blend the acrylic quickly, it just doesnt seem firm enough to blend and move the acrylic leaving me with terrible bumps that need horrendous buffing afterwards. any advice would be great
  2. Emily S
    I use the NSI Precision #8 brush, it's been great for me :)
  3. gracefulnails
    thanks definatley going to have to go have a look for that. my brush is driving me mad:cry:
  4. lasach66
    Same here. NSI Precision brush #8, fantastic brush and returns to a point every time. Had mine ages x
  5. beck
    I use the EzFlow 508 grand artist brush and it is amazing! It's an oval brush, holds liquid for when you need it, also has a perfect point for precision work, best brush I have ever worked with.

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