Best perm technique for long hair

Discussion in 'Hair' started by divalou, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. divalou
    Hi guys
    Ive got a perm in on monday and its on long hair - first for a long time! - and she wants kind of loose beachy curls.
    What do you guys think would be the best technique to use? What size rods - do you think grey and black would be tight enough?
    Also, do you recommend Acid/Alkaline/Exothermal?
    I only ever do brick/directional nan style perms at the moment!!!
    Ta much!!
  2. lucelasticx
    For long hair i only use moulton browns ( bendy rollers) as you can ensure the perm lotion is appied and rinsed correctly to all the hair by using the length of the roller . I always find the black large perm rollers too small if the hair is long as you run the risk of hair not being developed/ neutralised properly .
  3. Penners
    I agree, assuming its all one length or very long layers I would use long bendy rollers and wind them spirally or you run the risk of the perm not getting through to the ends. I always found Goldwell Biocurl gave a good consistent result on long hair. Hope it goes well.:)
  4. katiem
    Hi did a perm recently the girl had very long hair and didnt want tight curls. I used grey and blue thru the back, grey and black to box section and just black thru the top had to piggy back mostly thru the box section as not enough room for anymore rollers! Put rods horizontally across the back in opposite directions the top pretty much like a nine section. Used Wella Soft & Lasting for Normal Hair and applied lotion as i wound to mid lengths and ends. Very pleased with the result after alot of hard work! Also gave it a good cut to make sure no bad ends and mid length layers. Hope this helps.


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