Bio Sculpture gel removal and info?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by xkayla_herex, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. xkayla_herex
    I am looking at doing a course in bio sculpture gel but would like some information- would really appreciate if you could help :)

    Natural overlay removal- how long do they need to be soaked in acetone after filing the top coat of? I use shellac- does it take a lot longer to remove?

    I've read up about using bio gel to sculpt nails to make them longer- how is this removed? The same as a overlay? How long does this usually take?

    Is it completely different products for an overlay and a sculpt? - from what I've read an overlay is their base coat/gel then two coats of chosen colour then soft gel on top of this then top coat.
    The sculpt would it be the same base then I presume a different sculpting gel to make the tip, then would it be the same soft gel and top coat as used with overlay? Just trying to get an idea on how many different products are needed.

    Do most clients tend to have a overlay or are sculpted nails just as popular?

    I usually just use shellac and am happy with it but I'm looking to take over a salon that currently does bio sculpture. - the lady who does the bio is the owner so will be leaving. I want to offer bio so I don't loose lots of clients (as she has said she will be going mobile she has been doing nails for 12 years so has a lot of regulars) does it take long to be good at it? I have been doing nails and shellac for about 6 years- I have been trained in acrylic nails but stopped this about 6 years ago when I done shellac.

    Sorry for all the questions if anyone can answer any of them it would really be helping me x
  2. xkayla_herex
    Any bio sculpture professionals out there to help?
  3. BeautyRooms
    Hi I have been doing bio for years, firstly I love the product and use both bio and shellac they are both completely different products.
    Soak off does take longer approx 20-30 mins,
    Sculptures will take slightly longer and you would need an alternative bio gel to create the length
    To buy bio sculpture products you do need to complete their training, all the information you need will be covered in training days.

    Hope this helps xx
  4. xkayla_herex
    Thank you for your reply wow 20-30 mins soak of! How long does it tend to last and is it more popular than the shellac or do you find more people are starting to have the shellac? I find shellac lasts 2-3 weeks and especially after 3 weeks the shellac is grown out so needs to come of so is the bio worth it if it takes that much longer to remove or do you just use it for those clients that are more heavy handed and who chip their shellac?
  5. Nemo
    I've used bio sculpture for years. We stock 6 different brands in the salon. We are in the process of phasing BS out now. Their product is too expensive compared to others. Take a look at The Gel Bottle. I've converted.
  6. xkayla_herex
    Thank you for your reply, the only reason I'm thinking about bio sculpture is as I'm planning on taking over a salon that offers this and the shellac. The bio seems popular so I didn't think it would be good to stop it at the salon.

    Are there any tips for quicker removal? Isit best to file on top of the nail as much as can then use acetone and wrap in tin foil?

    I use the nail clips to remove shellac could I use these for bio ?as it's much easier.

    Does using heated mitts speed the process up? And if it does would it have the same affect with the nail clips on rather than tin foil?
  7. Myden
    Yes buff, wrap and put in mitts. Without sculptures leave in mitts for 10 mins. Can use clips as Bio also sell these to use too. You will have to do a course with them to buy their products though.
  8. xkayla_herex
    Thank you for replying, I'm looking into doing a course at the moment just deciding wether to do sculpting or not? X
  9. nailpod
    Why not swop to Calgel? They used to be the same company by the way!! Then split and now they have added extra steps which to be honest is what makes soak off so long. Calgel full set soak off takes 10min!!!
    And you can even peel it off and your natural nails at 100%! (Although hat is never ever recommended but I have often in a hurry done this and is fine)

    And Calgel is literally ONE gel for base , top, sculpture:) so saving you money by not buying a hundred products.

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