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  1. Rachelcm
    Hi everyone,

    I have been doing biosculpture nails since June last year and have problems with gels lifting. It's 50/50 half of my nail clients have no issues and they last up to 3 weeks and the other clients they start to lift within a matter of days.

    It's really starting to get me down to be honest I don't know what else I can try. I am a mobile therapist so I have to drive back to clients houses if nails go wrong within the first week (that's my guarantee)

    I got my nails done by another therapist and noticed she used sculpting gel as the base instead of clear gel and sealer gel as the top layer instead of flexi-gel or s gel. So I tried the same but I'm still having the same

    Any tips would be appreciated!!
  2. Pooh8bear
    Are they completely dry before you apply the gel. Even the sanitiser needs to have evaporated/dried.
    There is a Bio Sculpture group here that would probably help you quicker as they are all Bio Sculpture tech's.
  3. Rachelcm
    Yes, I use dual cleanse and make sure it's dried out.

    I didn't know there was an actual bio forum maybe I should re post in there!

    Thank you :)
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  4. jacquelineanna
    There is always confusion with BioSculpture.

    I love the product and have used it for nearly 9 years, but they have too many products in the prep.

    The more things you put on the nail before gel application the more things there are to have to remove THOROUGHLY.

    After research and trial and error with this wonderful product I have finally found the method that works for me.

    The single most important product for any prep of the nail prior to any kind of application is Scrubfresh from CND.

    I no longer use the Bio cuticle remover, cuticle conditioner, polish remover, soak off product, vitamin dose or Executive Base (EB can aid with the soak-off process but it can often cause lifting).

    I use CND's cuticle away if I have to. I prefer to do a dry pep.

    I use CND's D:Solve to soak-off the gel.

    CND's D:Sperse to remove the inhibition layer.

    Use all the Bio products if you prefer to do so but ensure you remove all the cuticle from the nail plate.

    And use Scrubfresh as the final step in the preparation before applying gel.

    Five seconds on each nail scrubbing the product with a nail wipe around the eponychium and deep into the side-walls and along and under the free edge.

    You should find that this will eliminate lifting as the nail is as clean and free of contaminates as it can be.

    Ensure the gel does not touch the cuticle or side walls, and make sure you cap the free edge.

    Application of gel shouldn't be too thin, and not too thick.

    Hope some of this helps.

    Jacqui xx
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  5. Bud
    Fab advice ... I have 'borrowed' jacqui's prep process .. And eliminated all of my bio problems!
    The dry pep is definitely a worthwhile step to try.. I think this has made a huge difference to me x
  6. Rachelcm
    What do you mean by CNd sperse inhibition layer?

    I've heard about this CND scrub fresh although you cannot buy it unless you have an account with CND? I can hopefully get some off of EBay!

    When removing the cuticle and using the cuticle product do you use a metal tool to help or let the product do its work and wipe it off thoroughly?

    Thanks for all your wonderful tips much appreciated


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  7. jacquelineanna
    D:Sperse (isopropyl alcohol) is used to remove the inhibition (sticky) layer before applying BioSculpture's polish top coat.

    In the Bio range you would use the Dual Cleanse or the polish remover.

    When using the Cuticle Away or the BioSculpture Cuticle Remover, I push back the cuticle with the silver pusher and use the cutiestone to work over the nail to remove all other cuticle and debris.

    Watch this wonderful video by fingernailfixer (Holly Schippers) to see just what removing cuticle really means!

    Removing Cuticle....the real cuticle - YouTube
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  8. Rachelcm
  9. Rachelcm
    [​IMG]Hello again,

    I have more bad news :(
    Got my cuticle away and scrub fresh and used them on a lady who's nails had came off and i agreed to do her a free set. was really impressed with the products and all the nails look great.

    I did French and I've heard from the client 4 days later and 2 have lifted. The only thing I can put It down to is that the white tip may have been too thick? But I am aware of this and don't over do it.

    Here's a picture the lady sent to me.

    If you have any further help that would be great, thanks
  10. Rainbow Bright
    It may be something the client is doing to cause this rather than your application. Certain hand creams can cause lifting ( I think it was mentioned somewhere that Dove and Vasaline are a couple of culprits), cleaning products etc. I think you mentioned in your post above that you guarantee for 1 week after - I think that is overly generous. Bio takes 24hrs to completely set after applying, if it has not lifted within those 24hrs then chances are it may not be your application technique. I only re-do for free if there is an issue within 24hrs. Try asking the client more questions about where/what she's been doing in those 4 days that may of caused this, sometimes they dont remember and you need to jog their memory - don't automatically think it's your fault - would they not have all lifted if it was something you were doing wrong? :wink2:
  11. Pooh8bear
    That side of the thumb is the side that the client gives the most hammering too.
    Has she been peeling off labels or opening tins?
  12. Sarah22
    Oh I feel for you!!

    I did my Bio training a year and a half ago and never really got on with them!! Lol.

    I introduced Gelicure 6 months after and my Bio clients have all converted over because they prefer it!! Thank God... Lol.

    Bio's a great product and it works for so many people... Just not me lol.I hope you get sorted though, I know how frustrating it is xx
  13. souz
    hi, i trained in bio last year and had lifting problems to start with also, scrubfresh was my saviour too and have posted lots about it on here to help other techs,

    Here is what i do now:
    dry prep
    clear gel

    i cure s gel for 4 mins if no nail art, if nail art i do this and apply uv gel top coat after

    how many nails are you doing at a time?are you leaving too long before curing?gel may shrink if you are? Are you sealing the free edge with 2 nd colour and top coat?

    when you used scrubfresh did you really scrub the nail plates?

    hope this helps hun, you just have to persevere....

    do you do your own nails? i find this helps esp when you try different ways of doing on each hand and see where the problems are x
  14. Rachelcm
    I do two nails at a time. And I always brush over the free edge on the first nail just to make sure it's sealed and hasn't shrinked back on the nail plate before curing. I only cure the s gel/ flexi gel for 2 mins though.

    When using the scrub fresh I take a nail wipe and scrub over each nail for 5 seconds and make sure I go down the sides of the nail too when I move onto the next nail I reapply some more scrub fresh on to the wipe as it drys out quickly. Is this the right way to use it?

    Thanks girls!!!

  15. souz
    what do you mean when you say you brush over the free edge on the first nail?

    you shoud go over the free edge on the 2nd colour coat and top coat,

    if you cure s gel for 4 mins it leaves it nice and glossy so no need for another top coat saving you time and money! you can only do this if the nail doesnt need refining

    sounds like your using scrubfresh fine hun, are you applying the gel nice and thin??
  16. Rachelcm
    I mean I brush over the free edge to seal on the 2nd colour layer and s gel layer.


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