Black Marks on Big Toes ??

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Karren, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Karren

    Hope someone may help ..

    I'll try and describe as best i can, should have taken a picture huh !

    I have a client who's been coming to me every two months now for a year for brisa toes, nothing more than bond, paint on white and finishing gloss.

    She popped in earlier this week to show me some marks which have appeared on both of her big toes, they are on the inside corner of the toe nail (on new nail growth) up by the eponychium

    It looks almost like blood or a bruise but what confuses me is that they appear on both toe nails, same place similar size ???

    I gently buffed off the finishing gloss to get a clearer look, its definately within / under the nail. No pain and no change in colouration or size etc since she noticed it couple of weeks ago

    any ideas ??


  2. Envy
    Hi Karen,

    the most likely cause would be hemoraging, (bruising) as for being on two toes:

    If on same foot, she may have kicked something on an awkward angle

    On sepearte feet, my guess would be a new pair of shoes putting pressure on the nails as most likely with overlay they are getting long at times...

    A photo would def help diagnosis, as there are a few far more obscure posibilities. HTH.
  3. Karren
    thanks envy

    thats what i thought i asked her if she had any accidents or children standing on her toes (as quite often happens !) but not that she can remember,

    Tried the new shoes scenario too but nope

    Really really odd that its same place both toes ????? which is why i thought of shoes immediately but no new shoes or any pressure she can remember with current ones



  4. geeg
    I agree with Envy completely.
    I've seen this many times and it doesn't have to be an injury that she would have felt, when people have their toes enhanced, they tend to grow them longer than they should and the pressure (though not painful) is a cause of the bruising. Tell her to take 'em down.
  5. Envy
    Toes are a funny one, because of their constant wear and tear, you tend not to notice any slow repeatitive stress.

    My guess would be if she had at any stage noticed them getting long, it was probably because they were hitting the end of her shoe - it won't hurt but will act like a lever on the nail bed, slowly causing damange ;0

    Thanks Geeg - too fast off the mark for me ;)
  6. Karren
    thanks guys, bit worrying coming across something new like this, you start questioning your thoughts on what it may be, thanks for your help, comments and reassurance !

    always great for moving along that learning curve huh !

  7. motherbird
    Hi - I've had exactly this problem with one of my regular pedicure clients, we spoke at length about possible causes - none sprang to mind. Some time into the treatment it transpired during conversation that this lady had started going to the gym regularly (never been before) and had new trainers too ! She was spending half an hour five times a week on the treadmill, wearing new trainers and with her toe nails at their longest ! Problem solved we are sure !

    Sometimes its not something that is obvious like dropping something heavy on your toes I guess.
  8. Bagpuss
    Its so true about them being long....My clients have Gel on Toes and they look fab...they want to keep them looking fab for as long as the thought of cutting them is a no no to them....they don't want to cut them and loose the white tip i have painted they get too long and pressure is applied to the nail in there shoes/boots....I also have client who run, jog, sports, even raving (you know jumping up and down like who get black marks on there toe nails (mainly big toe nail) its all the thumping down on there feet.

    I did one lady once and her nail was wobbly while i was doing it...made me feel was black but no pain at all. I covered the black in polish and embedded diamonds in the polish...her toes looked fab....saw her a week later and he told me the toe nail had fallen was a perfectly manicured toe she kept it in her jewelry case...and when she went out she stuck it back on with double sided sticky xx

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