Blending natural nail tips?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by BEAUTY4U, Jan 30, 2011.

    hi can someon eplease give me some pointers here iv been doin nails for a wee while so would say im still learning now when i did my acrylic nail course i wasnt really shown how to blend the tips infact i wasnt shown at all and it works ok with all my tips apart from the natural colour whenever i do them and put the acrylic over it you can still see the smile line if you know what i mean iv tried blending it but i think i was too rough as the nail then bent lol any help would be appreciated xx
  2. Emily S
    I use Millennium nail tips and buff over them BEFORE putting them onto the finger, making sure they're nearly see through but being as gentle as possible so I don't split them (as you've managed to do) :) ..then, once on the nail, I use my lightest grit file and buff over very lightly until you can run your finger over the join and not feel them.

    This is the way I was taught in college - hope it's right, it works for me.
    thanks emily i definately give that a go iv even tried changing the shade of pink on my powder to hide it lol and yes i think i might have slightly been too rough and thats how it bent hahah god imagine me with an electric drill lol thanks il try that 2moro oh can you maybe answer me this see the natural coloured tips are those known as clear tips as someone asked me if i do clear tips and i sad i do the natural??
  4. Emily S
    If someone asked me for clear, I'd do natural.

    You can buy clear ones though but as far as I'm aware, they're used for gel.. I could be completely wrong though - I've never used them :)
  5. mum
    You should have been taught how to blend tips during your course. Once again I'm afraid here is another example of poor training courses.

    I think there are tutorials on here that give help on this important stage.
    i know mum thats why i try and work at it myself to better my techniques i never actually do natural its all coloured tips i do so its never been too important til i did the natural ones on a friend and i wasnt happy with them il have a look at the tutorials and try the other option xx
  7. waxcetera
    My course didn't blend tips either, they used just white tips, both in the l&p course and the UV Gel. Personally I thought it was cheating, but I'd already been doing them on myself at the time by watching Nail Angels videos via NSI.

    Thankfully, I'm booked on CND conversion at the end of Feb :D
  8. rachirv

    i use nsi products and they do a white tip, a natural tip, and a clear tip. and you can use it with acrylic and not just gel. xxx

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