Bohyme remi hair extensions supplier issues

Discussion in 'Hair' started by clazaridis, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. clazaridis
    i'm having a few problems getting hold of the colours i require in bohyme remi pre bonded hair, i have trawled the internet and had no luck in this country. I've come across Sunnys Hair & Wigs in america, does anyone know if this is the same Bohyme hair or whether it's just a cheap rubbish version?? They seem to have a large range of pre bonded bohyme in every curl pattern and colour you could imagine, just think it may be a bit too good to be true! Any body tried this supplier??

  2. lancashirelass
    You could try or, I have tried the American Bohyme and its absolutely gorgeous.

    Where are you buying your Bohyme prebonded from now?
  3. clazaridis
    Thanks, i'll have a look at the websites you suggested, do the colours come in the same as the UK Bohyme or should i purchase an american colour ring?

    I currently use 1stop hair, afrocare & celebrity elite. they really do have limited colours in the pre bonded and i don't like to use the bulk hair fusion method as a lot of people find it sheds too much plus i really struggle to get a neat full bond when i've practised so much prefer to buy the pre bonded hair.
  4. lancashirelass
    You will need to purchase an usa bohyme colour ring as the colours are a little different.

    Your right they do have limited colours in the pretipped hair they only have about 12 colours, 1stop hair shop and afrocare are part of the same company so they probably carry same stock. If you want better prices that the celebrity elite website you could try hair express in Manchester as there prices are cheaper than celebrity elite website.
  5. clazaridis
    Does hair express in Manchester have a website? Thanks for the info
  6. lancashirelass
    They do but not sure whats its called you would need to ring the manchester shop to check out stock etc.

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